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Signalator Automated Trading Signals

To make any profits with any forex trading signal, the first thing you have to do is at least to execute it properly. It's hardly possible you are ready to devote to the trading process the full working day. In most cases, the clients use the forex trading as an additional source of income and do not have enough time to execute signals themselves. Moreover, it may take excessive time to receive a signal, to open a trading platform and to enter all the required options.

Signalator offers 100% automated trading signals. What exactly it means? We will take care of the full trading process. You will have to do virtually nothing to make profits with our signals. The only thing you have to do only once is to install the autotrader directly on your trading platform and leave it running. However, if you do not want to do it yourself or you do not have any suitable computer for it, we will install everything on our server and we will be looking after your account.

Please note: all trading decisions are made solely by human professional traders and the automation is used for execution purposes only. We do not use any trading robots or automated trading systems.

Signalator automated forex trading signals

Requirements and Description

Signalator autotrader is an EA (expert advisor) designed by Signalator IT team and is suitable for any FX broker metatrader account (either MT4 or MT5). The only thing the autotrader is supposed to do is to collect a trade details from Signalator website and to pass it to your trading platform for execution. If you do not have any metatrader account, contact your broker to find out whether it can offer this type of an account for you. Metatrader is widely used trading platform and most the brokers in the world offer it. If you are sure you don't have the metatrader account but you still want to have trades executed automatically, we can offer you two options: manual trades execution by company traders for an additional fee or the managed account services page.

Requirements for Signalator autotrader: 1) Any metatrader account 2) Running and connected to the internet trading platform from 5:00 Monday to 21:00 Friday.

Installation Options

There are two options to install the autotrader: you can do it yourself in 3-5 minutes or we install it on our server. If you would like to install it on your own, please refer to the Installation Instructions. If you would like us to install both the trading platform and the autotraders on Signalator servers, please contact us and provide the following details: a) the broker name (e.g. FX Broker 1) b) the link for a platform installation c) login to your account d) password to your account e) trading server name (e.g. Live-Euro-001). Please note: these details are used for the installation purposes only and are deleted once the installation is complete. Your funds will remain secure as the money can be withdrawn to the account holder's account only.

Installation Instructions

To install the autotraders to your trading account, please follow the following steps:

Step 1. Download, install and open your metatrader account trading platform. If you don't know how to do that, contact your broker first.

Step 2. Download the autotraders from the list below. Please note: each signal you are going to use requires its own autotrader (e.g. if you are going to trade with EURUSD and GBPJPY, you have to download and to save EURUSD and GBPJPY autotraders).



Step 3. Within your trading platform, click the File folder and then the Open Data Folder. When the folder is opened, open the MQL4 folder and then the Experts folder. Save the downloaded autotraders to this folder. Once you've done, click the Refresh button within the Expert Advisor folder (right-click) that you will see the list of the downloaded autotraders within the Expert Advisor folder (on the left hand side) . If you can't see this folder, either click Ctrl+N or click the View folder and then the Navigator folder.

Open metatrader data folderSignalator autotraders listView metatrader navigatorView Experts metatrader

Step 4. Repeat this step for each trading signal you are going to trade with. The following example is used for EURUSD trading signal. Open the trading chart window for EURUSD currency pair: click the File folder, then the New Chart link and choose the EURUSD (or if you broker has any variations of this currency pair, e.g. EURUSDfx or EURUSDmini, etc.) You can use any time frame (1M, 1H or any other), any type of chart display (candlestick, line or any other). When the chart is opened, drag the EURUSD expert advisor to the EURUSD chart or click on the EURUSD.ex4 EA and then right click the Attach to the chart link.

Step 5. At the end of step 4 you should see the box with EA properties. To have everything working, please tick the boxes within the common tabs as seen in the following pictures. The Common tab: check the Enable alerts box, check the Allow live trading box, check the All DLL imports and check the Allow import of external experts.
The Inputs tab: enter your login to the Signalator website within the login field (it is enterlogin in the image), change the trading lot as required. If you need a guidance, please use the recommended deposits page.

Signalator metatrader common settingsSignalator autotrader input options

Step 6. If everything is working properly, then you should see a smiley face image at the top right corner of the chart you installed the autotrader to. If you see a "sad" face image, then something went wrong. First of all, check whether you have activated the AutoTrading within your trading platform. If you see green arrow within the Auto Trading button, then the AutoTrading is enabled (as shown on the picture). If you see a red square, simply click the button to activate the Automated Trading.
If this is not the case, check all the previous steps and settings you used. If you believe you have done everything as described above, please contact us and we will solve this problem.

Please note: you must leave your trading platform running and connected to the internet during the working days, otherwise trades won't be executed on your trading account.
Autotrader installation complete

Errors and Troubleshooting

If you experience any difficulties after installing the autotrader, please refer to the most common errors occurred.

"Error 130". If your installed EA always gives you the Error 130 and shows the comment like the following one - "2011.02.01 09:49:42 e15 EURUSD,H1: Alert: The Stop Loss and Take Profits are placed too close and can not be executed. Price = 1.37494000, SL = 1.36550000, TP = 1.38360000" - most likely your broker has a specific configuration. This issue is easily solved with one simple option changed within the Inputs tab of the EA (click F7 to access the settings). Open your EA inputs details, and change the last field option (noInstant) to the value "true" as shown in the picture to the right. Once this is completed along with the other configuration options described above, the EA should work perfectly. Metatrader Error 130

The Trade context is busy error. This is the second most common error occurred while using Signalator Autotrader. Actually, it is the response from your broker's server stating it is currently busy and your order (open, close or update of a position) can not be executed at the moment. You can't do anything but simply wait.

The  Incorrect currency pair error. Should you place an Autotrader to a wrong chart or your broker does not have a common currency rates ticker, you will receive the following message "Incorrect currency pair. Should be XXXXXX." If your broker uses uncommon titles for currency pairs (e.g. EURUSDfx), simply change the symbol settings within the Inputs tab to a right one. Changing the symbol within the settings will solve this issue completely.

Error while calling InternetOpenUrlA(). It states your trading platform is not connected to either internet or to the Signalator website or your broker's server. Check your internet connection. If it is working properly - ignore the message. The connection will be restored either by Signalator or your broker.

Questions and Answers

Q. I experience difficulties with the installation. Can you help me?
A. If you are trying to install the Signalatot autotraders on your PC or VPS and you experience any difficulties, your personal manager will assist you. We can connect directly to your VPS via remote connection, teamviewer, etc (the option is free). Email and live chat support are for indirect assistance.

Q. Is it possible to have all trades automated?
A. Signalator offers 100% automation for any metatrader account. It means you do not have to do anything at all. Everything will be made automatic.

Q. Do I need to have my PC working 24/7?
A. The trading platform is required to be running during the trading hours (Monday 5:00 - Friday 20:00). You may use your PC, your VPS or Signalator free VPS.

Q. I don't have a metatrader account, is it still possible to automate my trading?
A. Yes, for an additional fee Signalator trades will be executing trades on your account. So you don't do anything at all.

Q. Can I use the Signalator autotrader on a demo account?
A. Yes, you can use Signalator autotrader with the both real and the demo account.

Q. Is it safe to use the Signalator autotrader?
A. Yes, it is. The Signalator autotrader is the trades execution software. This software only automates the process of the trades placing in to your account. All trades are created by Signalator forex traders and autotrader simply uses trades' details to put them in your account.