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Signalator Forex-Handelssignals

1 Transparent alerts: 1 Stop Loss, 1 Take Profit
2 SMS, Email alerts, Automated trading
3 Exact entry and exit prices with comments
4 Efficient trading considering slippage
5 Wide range of trading signals and delivery options
6 Honest and profitable trading results

Forex signal is a piece of information containing details for making a trade (usually open and close prices, stop loss and take profit levels). There is a variety of synonyms describing forex signals: forex alerts, fx signals, money market recommendations, currency advice and many more. Signalator has been providing forex signals for many years now. All our signals are very straightforward to understand and to use. We always include exact open and close prices, both stop loss and take profit levels, comments from our traders. We deliver our signals via Email and SMS, automated trading, web personal page. Click here to view examples of our signals.

Signalator Ltd. is an independent company and is not affiliated with any forex broker. Our main and the primary objective in trading is making the money. Our slogan is: "Make money not trades". We are looking for the best possible moments to enter the market and to make good profits.


The Three Types of Trading Signals

We are constantly improving our services offering new currency pairs and trading instruments, providing more efficient money management rules, increasing profitability and stability of our signals. To offer the most profitable and the most efficient trading signals we provide the three types of trading signals varying by trading approach, average monthly results, risk reward ratio, levels of take profit and stop loss and by many other options. Depending on your trading expectations and requirements you may choose the most appropriate type of signal for your current market activity. For diversification purposes signals may be grouped together within a signal set (a group of signals traded together). Find out how you may benefit from trading with a signals set. Further you will find the list of available signals with overall description and overall details.

Basic Signals
Signals without any extensions (e.g. EURUSD). Very low number of trades per month. The highest risk reward ratio. We try to make only "sure" trades. Low drawdown, low monthly profits and low recommended deposits levels. Recommended for money managers and medium/long term investment traders. Normal trading spread considered (1-2 pips)*. The trading emphasis is made on low risk trading. Click here to view Signalator signals set.
Plus Signals
Plus signals are the signals with highest monthly profits. These signals are used for trading with the managed account services. Trades with big levels of expected profits (up to 450 pips per trade). The number of trades a month is also the highest among other types of signals. Considered spread is 1-2 pips*. Plus signals come with Plus extensions (except for signal for Gold) throughout the website and are available within the Signalator Plus signals set.
XT Signals
XT stands for Extra Trade. XT signals are signals for an intraday, every day and constant market involvement trading. High monthly returns and moderate levels of drawdown. Minimum spread considered within trading (0-1 pips)*. The lowest monthly subscription fees. The best option for novice traders and small deposit traders, short term investment traders and for traders seeking for maximum possible number of trades. Click here to view Signalator XT signals set.

Signalator FX Signals Benefits

Weighted profit a month* Total Profit* Drawdown* Win ratio* Trades a month* TP / SL View Details
116.7 pips / 6.1 % 712.0 pips / 37.5 % -369 pips / -19.4 % 52.5% 32.5 / monat View Details
87.9 pips / 5.5 % 536.0 pips / 33.5 % -182 pips / -11.4 % 63.6% 10.8 / monat View Details
50.5 pips / 2.7 % 308.0 pips / 16.2 % -561 pips / -29.5 % 62.2% 65.9 / monat View Details
8.4 pips / 0.5 % 51.0 pips / 2.8 % -325 pips / -18.1 % 51.8% 23.1 / monat View Details
6.4 pips / 0.4 % 39.0 pips / 2.6 % -178 pips / -11.9 % 59.3% 4.4 / monat View Details
0.5 pips / 0.0 % 3.0 pips / 0.2 % -96 pips / -6.4 % 66.7% 2.5 / monat View Details
0.3 pips / 0.0 % 2.0 pips / 0.1 % -164 pips / -9.4 % 45.5% 1.8 / monat View Details
-18.0 pips / -1.2 % -110.0 pips / -7.3 % -160 pips / -10.7 % 50.0% 3.6 / monat View Details
-60.3 pips / -4.0 % -368.0 pips / -24.5 % -408 pips / -27.2 % 56.3% 5.2 / monat View Details


Questions and Answers
Q. Is it possible to subscribe to one or to two currency pairs?
A. Yes, of course you may subscribe to only one currency pair. On every signal's results page there is a link for subscription. Alternatively you may click here to see all subscription options. If you require 2-3 pairs, then simply subscribe to each pair. If you require more than 3 pairs, consider subscribing to any signals set (a group of signals).
Q. How can I receive trading signals?
A. All paid subscriptions include free SMS, email alerts, personal page website alerts, automated trading for metatrader.
Q. What if my monthly subscription ends with a loss?
A. With a period based subscription (1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year) you pay for the period of use regardless the results. Check the pay for profits subscription (guaranteed pips) for the results based subscription.
Q. I want to have trades automated, is it possible?
A. All trades can be executed automatically on any metatrader broker account. Click here for more details on automated trading.
Q. How much money do I need to start trading with your signals?
A. Basically there are no minimum or required levels of deposit. We provide signals information for your consideration. You may trade on a real or on a demo account with our signals. However, to get the maximum benefit it is recommended to follow the risk and money management rules. Find out here what are the recommended deposits.
Q. Which type of orders are Signalator signals? Market or pending?
A. All Signalator signals are market orders which means you have to execute a trade once you've received a trade's details. Don't wait for an open or a close price as these are the prices we made our trade. Open, close or update a trade as soon as you receive an alert.
Q. What is the difference between GBPJPY XT and GBPJPY?
A. Signalator offers a number of signal types. You may check the currently available types above. Each type of signal is offered with a different trading approach, SL / TP levels. In the end you receive signals which have one thing in common only - the trading instrument / currency pair. For example GBPJPY XT and GBPJPY are the two different signals with different trading approaches. Basically these are the two titles (names) of products we offer.