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Signalator Trading Signals Sets

Signals Set is a group of any signals. A combination of signals traded together. The statistics is based on results of all signals included within a signals set. The simplest signals set is a group of two signals (e.g. EURUSD and GBPUSD). Signals set is not a new or a separate trading signal.

Trading several signals together at one time brings many benefits. Two most important are: risk diversification which lowers the maximum drawdown dramatically and higher monthly profit due to increase in a number of pairs traded. Other beneficial features are: smooth equity growth, low subscription costs and many more.

Lower drawdown compared to separate pairs trading due to diversification of risks
Higher monthly profits. The more pairs you trade with, the more profits you receive.
More stable equity growth. Trading with several pairs provide smoother growth of your capital due to different results for each included currency pair within a signals set.


Signals Sets Offered by Signalator

We have already prepared several signals sets so that you can benefit from subscribing to several signals simultaneously. Each ready-to-use set is offered with detailed results statistics page, recommended deposits levels and special subscription price. Further you will find the table with overall details for each of an available set. Click any set to view its detailed statistics page. If you are not happy with ready-to-use sets, you may use Signalator Investment Calculator to create your own personalised signals set.

Golden 358 pips (18,8)% Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $
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Complete 205 pips (5,7)% Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $95
(, , , , , , , )
Signalator 56 pips (3,5)% Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $45
(, , )
Signalator EA 85 pips (2,4%) Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $65
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Questions and Answers
Q. Why Drawdown for a signals set is much lower than a sum of signals' drawdown included
A. Each trading signal has its own trade results. It means both profits and losses do not occur for different signals exactly at the same time. Commonly if one or several signals show a loss period, there will be other signals showing good profits. This effect is known as diversification.
Q. Is it possible to group signals from different signal types together within one signals set?
A. Yes, you can group any signals you like using Signalator Investment Calculator. Or you can navigate our signals sets to check if they already include various signal types.
Q. I want to trade one or several signals from one set and several signals from another?
A. You may consider subscribing to each desired signal separately. If a total subscription cost is too high, you may try creating your own personalised signals set using Signalator Investment Calculator.