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Signalator Company

Signalator is a forex signals provider and a software developer. We have been providing our products and services since 2000. Initially founded as TrumpGain Corp., now Signalator Ltd. is the UK based company with thousands of clients around the world. Signalator offers forex trading services and web software development.

Signalator Forex Trading Services

The forex related business includes forex signals, market analysis, trading strategies development, forex signals provider services, managed accounts. First money market recommendations were sent to our clients over the phone in 2000. Forex trading was completely different from what we experience at the moment. Trades were made with 400-500 pips movement, big SL level and no TP levels.

Today Signalator is one of the leading forex signals provider on the market. We serve more than 10 000 clients. The product range includes guaranteed pips subscription, managed accounts, forex signals and forex signals groups, automated trading. Nevertheless and unlike most of signals provider, Signalator Ltd. was established and continue to be an independent company.

The mission and the main concept of a forex related business - "Advice you can trust. All available forex products and services are available directly from our main page -

Signalator Web Software Development

Signalator website is completely coded by Signalator IT team. All market analysis is done using in-house market analysis software. We offer multilingual website and portals with a shopping cart, knowledge base, messaging, newsletter, CMS modules. A wide range of market analysis options are available. Expert advisors for MT4/5 coding. Software department is available at

Time line

2000. Company founded as TrumpGain Corp.

2000-2005. All trading signals were provided manually over the phone, email. Results published in USD only.

2006. The Trumpgain.Com website is launched to offer our services to retail customers. Savings signals are launched (make money directly on your bank account).

2007. UK Trumpgain Ltd. company is established. The SignalsForex.Com website is launched. Forex signals services are provided via two websites.

2009. Trumpgain Ltd is renamed to Signalator Ltd. and Signalator.Com website is launched. Guaranteed pips subscription is offered for the first time in the world. SMS alerts are first sent to customers.

2010. Forex related business is now provided at Software is provided through

2011. Free forex signals are introduced.

2011. Automated trading with a metatrader account is launched. All trades are now easily executed.

2013. Completely redesigned Signalator.Com to merge all offered products and services in one place. with both the software and forex business in one place.

2014. Fully automated trading results

2016. All websites are merged with the main website (, and many more).