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Signalator Forex Signals Demo Subscription

The demo subscription is a two-week paid subscription to one of the forex signals sets: Signalator XT, Basic or Signalator Plus. This subscription is completely similar to a normal monthly subscription with all delivery options (SMS, Email, Automated trading, Personal page). The paid demo subscription is the best if you want to try how everything works, to check whether you receive email / SMS alerts the way you expected. You will have Email alerts, SMS, automated trading, VPS. There are no any restrictions, delays, etc. within the demo compared to the monthly subscription.

Please note: you may only use one of the available subscription and only once. Use this demo subscription to test the Signalator services, to understand how everything works, whether the trading style suits your expectations, etc. The paid demo is offered only once for one PayPal, Skrill account. This is one of the best ways to begin trading with the Signalator services. Click here to purchase the demo.

Questions and Answers

Q. Are the signals used for the demo the same as with a normal subscription?
A. Yes, the signals provided with the demo subscription are absolutely the same as with the monthly and the guaranteed pips subscription.

Q. Is there any time lag with the real and the demo signals?
A. No. All signals are released instantly without any delay. The free demo signals are published on your personal page only. The paid are sent via Email, SMS, automated trading.

Q. What is the difference between the paid demo and the monthly subscription?
A. None. There is no difference in terms of the services you use. The demo is offered for a two-week period with a half price. This is the only difference.

Q. Will I receive Email, SMS, Automated trading with the demo?
A. Yes. The demo subscription includes all options offered to a normal subscription. Website personal page alerts, Email, SMS, automated trading are available with a subscription.

Q. Why I have to pay for a demo subscription?
A. Basically, a demo subscription is a normal subscription with a smaller contract period. Normally, we offer subscriptions for one month and more.