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Signalator Forex Signals Demo Subscription

The demo subscription is a kind of a welcome subscription. You get acquainted with the service, the way it functions. Signalator offers the two types of a demo subscription: the free one and the paid one. The free demo subscription (free signals) is an access to Basic signals set with the web alerts only for an unlimited period of time. The paid demo subscription is the all options subscription for 14 days (2 weeks) with the SMS, Email, Automated trading, VPS, priority customer support subscription.

There is a number of reasons why Signalator offers the two types of a demo. A) The free demo is offered absolutely free of charge without any payment data required and is activated automatically within the registration. Anyone who wants to check what Signalator services look like, to find out what we offer, may get the free demo to acquaint with the Signalator. B) The paid demo is actually the small part to the monthly subscription with all signals and the all delivery options. This demo is used to find out whether everything is working as expected.

The Paid Demo Subscription

Signalator demo subscriptionThe paid demo is a two week subscription to the Signalator XT signals set or to the Basic signals set. You may only use one of the available subscription and only once. The paid demo subscription is the best if you want to try how everything works, to check whether you receive email / SMS alerts the way you expected. You will have Email alerts, SMS, automated trading, VPS. There are no any restrictions, delays, etc. within the demo compared to the monthly subscription. Use this demo subscription to test the Signalator services, to understand how everything works, whether the trading style suits your expectations, etc. The paid demo is offered only once for one PayPal, Skrill account. This is one of the best ways to begin trading with the Signalator services. Click here to purchase the demo.

The Completely Free Subscription

Free forex signalsThe free subscription g You will be granted an absolutely free access to the same signals (except one the most profitable) used with any paid subscription. The only limitation is the way you receive and view the alerts within your personal page. The free demo is provided with the personal page alerts only. Email alerts, SMS, automated trading, VPS, priority support are not available with the free demo. You will be able to monitor the live results and to check how signals look like. The free demo is offered only once to one user account.

To get the free demo subscription, register with our website and check the free subscription check box. Click here to register.

Questions and Answers

Q. Are the signals used for the demo the same as with a normal subscription?
A. Yes, the signals provided with the demo subscription are absolutely the same as with the monthly and the guaranteed pips subscription.
Q. Is there any time lag with the real and the demo signals?
A. No. All signals are released instantly without any delay. The free demo signals are published on your personal page only. The paid are sent via Email, SMS, automated trading.
Q. What is the difference between the paid demo and the monthly subscription?
A. None. There is no difference in terms of the services you use. The demo is offered for the half month with the half price. This is the only difference.
Q. Do I have to provide any payment data for the free subscription?
A. No. The free subscription is provided without any payment data. Simply register with the website and begin using the signals. Click here to read in more details about the free signals subscription.
Q. Will I receive Email, SMS, Automated trading with the free signals?
A. The free demo is offered with the website personal page alerts. Email, SMS, automated trading are available with any paid subscription (including paid demo).