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Signalator domino money management software

Domino Money Management System

Domino money management system is a special add-on extension that uses quantitative analysis to optimize lot sizing thus increasing profits and lowering maximum drawdown based on the number of factors including the past performance, the market condition, trading style, etc.

The system is offered for the most efficient and sophisticated services provided by Signalator and can be applied to your trading system / strategy as well.

Domino by default is offered with a three possible instances. Domino 1, Domino 2 and Domino 3 distinguishing by the primarily effect it is focused on.

The Three Types Of Domino Money Management


The most popular option that double profits whilst maintaining the same level of the maximum risk your account will be exposed (approximately 30-35% maximum drawdown).


Extreme trading with up to 5 times more profits with increased risks. Can be considered as an aggressive trading. The maximum drawdown is limited by 40-50% depending on the market conditions.


The least risky option delivering the same profits as the basis trading but with almost half of the maximum drawdown received. The maximum drawdown is within 15-20% range.

Domino Money Management Results

The Domino extension cannot be used as a standalone software. It has to be applied to any signal, robot or programme. Some products and services are offered only with the Domino extension (Investment Programmes), other indicate the use of this system (Domino Gold Bot = Gold Bot + Domino).

The following example shows how money management affect the Gold Bot's performance. These results represent monthly results without cumulative all time effect. At the beginning of each month, the balance is the same.


Gold Bot

Domino 1 Gold Bot

Domino 2 Gold Bot

Domino 3 Gold Bot

The longer the Domino system is attached to trading, the more the results will differ. Long-term cumulative results will tend to differ even more as time passes. Considering checking the desired product details to view the difference.

How Does Domino Work?

Domino Money-Management System uses various techniques within quantitative analysis to deliver outstanding results. The exact algorithm cannot be disclosed but overall concept is well described below.

While trading with Domino you won't see more or less trades, we won't be using grid or martingale system. The whole effect is achieved by varying the size of trading based on developed calculations and templates.

No Martingale
Increase lot size
No grid trading
Decrease lot size
No multiple SL / TP levels
Increase allocation
No multiple trades
Decrease allocation
No increase in trades
Same trades

Domino Real Metatrader Account Examples

The best way to show how Domino system works is to show a copy of a real account statement of one of our clients. The copy of this statement is available below. The paradoxical situation is showed. The overall result is -32 pips, whilst the total net profit in USD is $41.22 (4.0% net gain of the $1,000 account).

The following table shows how within only 9 trades resulting in -32 pips of profit, -$13 net profit that could be achieved with the recommended deposit trading turned into $41 net profit account (4% net profit) and $54 difference.

Open Price
Close Price
Pips Result
0.04 lot USD Result
Net USD Result
Difference (Total)
Buy at 1872.57
Close at 1855.83
-167.4 pips
0 (0)
Buy at 1853.51
Close at 1861.33
78.2 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1860.62
Close at 1858.04
25.8 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1844.84
Close at 1843.89
9.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1824.82
Close at 1821.97
28.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1822.95
Close at 1835.24
-122.9 pips
$36.87 ($36.87)
Buy at 1810.58
Close at 1813.53
29.5 pips
-$8.85 ($28.02)
Sell at 1819.75
Close at 1816.36
33.9 pips
$0 ($28.02)
Buy at 1812.96
Close at 1818.2
52.4 pips
$26.2 ($54.22)
-32.5 pips