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Signalator Economic News Calendar
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Signalator Economic Calendar

Signalator offers for your consideration the economic calendar with the most important economic data releases. Economic indicators are available for the countries, we offer forex signals for. For example, for the EURUSD currency pair, we consider news from the US and the EMU. The contents of this calendar is being updated on a regular basis with new indicators being added. Unlike most economic calendars available on the internet, we do not publish all available news. We do not publish public holidays, low volatility news, etc. If any news release influences or may influence the market dramatically (more than 100% increase in short-term volatility), in this case we add these indicators to our calendar. We try to have at least 5-6 the most important indicators for each country.

Signalator offers the four types of news: Extreme, High, Medium and Low. If we have any open trades prior to the release of any Extreme / High news, we would close them. We would not open any new ones as well. You may read about it here. How do we know the influence of an economic indicator on the currency market? The group of Signalator traders analysed market for the past 15 years for the most popular and the most known economic indicators. We analysed thousands of news releases and hundreds of thousands 1M, 5M, 15M market data bars. You may get acquainted with these results here.

The Four Types of Economic Indicators

As mentioned previously, we have divided all the economic indicators into four groups. For a better news identification, each group is offered with a corresponding colour scheme.

Any data publication, any speech or report within this group will almost certainly will lead to extremely high volatility on the market. The biggest price movements. Very high probability of high market volatility with high levels of volatility (before and after release). Fast price changes with big movements. News releases which may lead to high volatility in case of big deviation from expectations. Relatively high levels of the market movements. High volatility is expected only in case of very high deviation from a "consensus" value. Levels of volatility are relatively low compared to other news types.


Week 43 | 25 October 2021 - 31 October 2021 | BST / GMT+1 Time
Time - the time of news release; Country - the country of news release; Indicator - the news release; Type - Data / Report or Speech / Event; Value - the value of Data / Report release; Cons. - the consensus (expectation) value; Prev. - the previous release value; Prel. - the Preliminary report; Next release - the date and time of the next release