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Signalator Forex Investment Programmes

An investment programme is a premium Signalator service aimed at meeting the highest sustainability requirements of both medium and large value accounts. This product works best with a deposit over $5,000 or equivalent with the minimum of $1,500 deposit on your trading account. The best offer for High-net-worth individuals (HNWI). The maximum level of drawdown your account will be limited by you at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50%. Most of the time, the drawdown level will be approximately half of the maximum level.

Signalator Investment Programmes use the most efficient signals with high ROI results. Mostly we use the Signalator signals set as the basis for trading. Please note: an investment programme is not a new signal or a type of signals. The main purpose of the investment programme is to take advantage from sophisticated money and risk management to increase equity growth, account stability and lower account's exposure to possible losses compared to straightforward trading with a signals set.

The results are published in percentage to the initial deposit level (e.g. 4.5%) and not in pips as it is commonly used throughout the Signalator's website. Before the beginning of trading, you will have to define the maximum level of drawdown you are willing to accept. That level will be used as the maximum possible reduction on the one hand and as the basis for risk management on the other. The higher drawdown is the higher profits are. And vice versa.

Lowest possible drawdown minimum trading risks
Highest monthly returns Return on your deposit is maximum
Stable growth of funds Capital rises without sharp drops


Overview and Details


A set of money and risk management rules along with variable lot sizing drastically increases the efficiency of trading providing more stability over the trading period. Signalator AI trading software and forex traders analyze received results and the current market situation to use the most efficient lot sizes. As a result, two identical systems in terms of pips trading may differ incredibly. Trading volume and lot allocation are constantly updated for generating the best possible profits. Everything is managed by Signalator, you will only need to watch your account growing.

In contrary to the managed accounts service, you pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of your account size. Past results are available as overall monthly and yearly results without more depth into every trade report. The overall results may be found below.

Available Investment Programmes

Programme Profit a month Drawdown Recommended deposit Monthly Price
Signalator Investment Programme 28.10% -26.14% $1300 $250
Pound Investment Programme 23.90% -27.17% $900 $245


Questions and Answers
How much money I can make?
All results and profits are provided relative to your initial account size, e.g. a monthly profit is 12% and your initial deposit is $10,000, then your monthly profit would be $1,200. If you change your initial deposit value, then the overall final result would also be different.
What is the minimum deposit required?
The minimum required deposit for trading is $3,500 or equivalent in any currency. If you do not have such a deposit, consider a different product.
Do I have to share my profits with you?
No, you pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of a deposit size and profits you make.
Can I manage lot sizes?
No. If you subscribe to an Investment Programme, all account management will be made by Signalator traders including lot sizing options.
Can I subscribe to more than one programme?
The signals used as a basis of trading are more or less the same. There is no practical reason to subscribe to more than one programme.
Can I subscribe to signals used for trading?
Yes, you may subscribe to the signals being the cortex of investment programmes, but the results would be different from investment programmes. The Complete set includes all available signals. However, our traders use the most efficient signals based on recent trading activity. Trading all signals together or any particular signal won't provide you with the same results.
Do I have to open an account with any specific broker?
No. There is only one requirement - MT4 trading account. You may have an account with any broker, preferably an ECN, Zero Spread, Pro account type with minimum spreads.