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AUDJPY XT Forex Trading Signal

AUDJPY XT is the signal with very high risk-reward ratio (up to 10). Stop Loss is 19-35 pips per trade whilst Take Profit level is 58-185 pips per trade. AUDJPY is a volatile currency pair which making good and big profits. Small stop loss level allows fast trade stop and big take profit gives great income. Signals are delivered via SMS and Email alerts. For your convenience all signals may be fully automated with any metatrader broker account.

The AUDJPY XT is the AUD / JPY currency pair fx signal.
AUDJPY is a medium/long term investment trade signal. The most suited for investors with bigger deposits and investment traders. It is recommended to trade with a higher lot amount with this signal.

Alerts are sent via EMail and SMS. 100% instant automated trades execution. Personal page alerts publications.

AUDJPY XT Detailed Results

If you are not sure what a value means, move mouse over a question mark (?) sign to read about it.
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(?)Total profitA sum of all trades made.
Total Profit = Profitable Trades Results + Loss Trades Results.
Higher values are better.
395 pips
(?) Profit a month Indicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
17 pips / 1%
(?) Trades total / a month All trades made and average number of trades a month.
Average Number of Trades a Month = Total Trades / Total Months .
61 / 3 trades
(?) Monthly Win ratioA ratio between profitable months and all traded months .
Monthly Win = Profitable Months / Total Months
Higher values are better.
(?) Winning ratioThe ratio between profitable and all trades.
Win Ratio = Profitable Trades / All Trades.
Higher values are better.
(?) Risk reward ratioA ratio between an expected level of TP and an expected level of SL.
Risk Reward Ratio = TP Level / SL Level.
Higher values are better.
(?) DepositA recommended level of deposit to allocate for 0.1 lot trading. If you trade 0.1 lot, on average 1 pip = $1
$ 1200 / 0.1 lot each
(?) Months tradedA total number of months traded.
Months Traded = Total Number of Months (Date End - Date Start)
Basically the longer a signal is traded the more stable it is.
20 months
(?) Profit a monthIndicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
17 pips / 1%
(?) Total profit received A total amount of gains.
Total Gains = Sum of All Profitable Trades Results
831 pips
(?) Profit trades totalA total number of profitable trades.
39 trades
(?) Average profit tradeAn average profitable trade value.
Average Profitable Trade = Total Gains / Total Number of Profitable Trades
21 pips
(?) Profit monthsA number of profitable months.
16 months
(?) Best monthThe most profitable month.
85 pips
(?) TP levelA range of a common level of Take Profit (TP) used
58-185 pips
(?) TP number / ratio to totalA number of trades closed by TP and the ratio to all trades.
TP Ratio = TP Trades Number / All Trades
Higher values are better
2 / 3%
(?) DrawdownMaximum reduction / decrease of an equity.
-106 pips / -9%
(?) Loss receivedA total amount of losses.
Total Losses = Sum of All Loss Trades Results
-436 pips
(?) Loss trades totalA total number of loss trades.
22 trades
(?) Average loss tradeAn average loss trade value.
Average Loss Trade = Total Losses / Total Number of Loss Trades
-20 pips
(?) Loss monthsA number of loss months.
4 months
(?) Worst monthThe worst month
-40 pips
(?) SL levelA range of a common level of Stop Loss (SL) used
19-35 pips
(?) Net profit ratioRepresents a net profit to total gains ratio.
Net Ratio = Net Profit / Total Gains
Higher values are better.

AUDJPY XT Monthly results and every trade reports

If you would like to check every trade results, please click on any month result to load a page or click here to view monthly detailed page. You may also check signals history on your personal page.

+33 pips (2.8%)
-4 pips (-0.3%)
+63 pips (5.3%)
+41 pips (3.4%)
+84.5 pips (7%)
-23 pips (-1.9%)
+43 pips (3.6%)
+26 pips (2.2%)
+264 pips (22%)
Signalator archive page includes all replaced and removed signals forex click here to check. The were no trades during this year for this signal.