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The Guaranteed Pips Plus Subscription

The guaranteed pips plus subscription is an advanced version of the guaranteed pips subscription. The underlying idea of both subscription is to offer the subscription valid for a certain amount of profit (pips). If you are not familiar with the Signalator guaranteed pips subscription, please click here to find out more prior to continue reading this page. The current subscription will be compared to the basic guaranteed pips subscription further.

The first thing to mention: GUARANTEED PIPS PLUS => GUARANTEED PROFITS. Unlike the Basic subscription, the Plus subscription offers the guarantee of profits. If profits are not reached - we will refund the full cost of your subscription (100% MONEY BACK). All subscription offer a fixed amount of profit within a fixed amount of time. You won't have to wait ages until your paid profits are made.

Primary Benefits

We are absolutely confident in our services and trading signals. We will make you profits within a fixed period of time.

If we fail to make a purchased number of pips within a fixed period of time, we will make a refund of your subscription fees in full.

Signalator guaranteed forex profits

Guaranteed Results Terms and Conditions

The guaranteed pips plus subscription is the Guaranteed Results / Guaranteed Profits subscription. When you subscribe to one of the available options, you choose an amount of profit in pips you would like to receive and a period of time to generate these profits. The payment order will include these details along with the Money Back guarantee in case we fail to meet the objectives. This subscription is very much alike the managed account services.

Signalator chooses signals to trade. Unlike the Basic subscription, with the Plus subscription you do not decide which signals to use. The forex signals to trade with are chosen by Signalator. You can decide how many signals you want to trade, an amount of lots to open, a traded deposit. To meet the profit target, we need to trade the most efficient signals. That is why we will have to choose which signals to trade with. The traded signals may be switched during the trading process. You may begin trading with one signals and then be switched to other signals.

Trading undergoes until profit is reached within a fixed time. Once you subscribe, you will have a pips balance as a subscription expiration within a subscribed period. For example, if you subscribe to 500 guaranteed pips with 3 months period. Your subscription will be valid within 3 months until we generate 500 pips of net profits. If we fail to make these profits within 3 months time, we will refund the subscription fee in full.

Signalator money back guarantee

Subscription Options

The following subscription options / plans are available for subscription. There are two subscription periods: three and six months.

Profits are calculated based on your account results. The results take into consideration the profits received on your account unless you are not responsible for any trade amendments (closing, SL / TP changes, not opening a trade). In case you interfere with a trading process in any manner, a result for such trade is calculated based on Signalator results.

Guaranteed Pips Basic VS Guaranteed Pips Plus

For demonstration purposes we have prepared the following table with the main features of the subscription compared to the Guaranteed Pips Basic subscription. Though the Plus subscription offers the money back guarantee, it is not always the case, this subscription is better than the basic one. Please get acquainted with the main discrepancies and similarities. Depending on your requirements and expectations it may be more beneficial to choose the basic subscription rather than the plus one.

Feature Guaranteed Pips Basic Guaranteed Pips Plus
Subscription results are based on trading results YES YES
Subscription ends only when profits are generated YES NO (may expire upon the end of a subscribed period)
Time based subscription NO (subscription is valid until we make profits) YES
100% Money Back in case of expected profits fail NO (all payments are nonrefundable) YES
You choose the forex signals to trade YES NO (Signalator decides which signals to trade)
Trades do not affect balance of pips in case you miss a trade YES NO (even if you miss a trade)
Subscribe to any amount of pips any from 100 pips to 2, 000 pips 300-750 only
The more pips you buy, the less you pay for each pip Yes (Price as low as $0.73 per pip) NO (Price is about twice as expensive compared to Basic pips)


Questions and Answers
Q. What is the difference between the Guaranteed Pips and the Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription?
A. The Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription is not only limited by an amount of profit, but also by an amount of time to generate these profits. The Guaranteed Pips basic subscription is limited only by an amount of pips. Your subscription will be valid until we generate an amount of pips you have purchased.
Q. How do you guarantee my profits?
A. When you subscribe you choose an amount of profit you would like to receive and a period of trading these profits must be accumulated. Within a payment order, there will be these conditions and money back guarantee in case we fail to fulfil the task.
Q. Is it possible to use the both types of pips (Basic and Plus) at the same time?
A. Both subscription use the same signals. However, technically, you have to choose either to go with the Basic or with the Plus subscription.
Q. How can I switch my Basic pips to Plus pips?
A. You cannot. Basic pips cannot be converted to the Plus pips. If you want to have Plus pips, consider opening a new account and getting a new subscription.
Q. For how many pips I can subscribe to?
A. The subscriptions are available for 300, 500 and 750 guaranteed pips.
Q. What are the periods of subscription?
A. There are two basic periods: 3 months and 6 months. Depending on a period, a number of pips and a price for a subscription may vary.
Q. Why prices for 300 pips within 3 months and 300 pips within 6 months vary?
A. As we guarantee the profits, the risks are higher for a shorter period. There are more chances we will meet the obligation of making profits for a longer period of time.
Q. What if I receive a loss? Will you cover that too?
A. The 100% Money Back applies only to paid fees. If for some reason, your account balance will end with a loss, Signalator won't cover these losses.
Q. I do not choose which signals to trade, do I?
A. If you subscribe to the Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription you do not choose which signals to trade with. The signals to trade are chosen by Signalator.
Q. I want to choose signals I will trade with. How can I do it?
A. With the Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription you have no option to choose signals to trade with. If you would like to choose the signals, please consider using the Guaranteed Pips Basic subscription. More detailed information is available here.
Q. What is a required deposit to trade with the Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription?
A. There is no a required minimum. However, to cover the fees and to make profits, we recommend to have on your trading account at least $5,000.