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How to activate Email / SMS alerts
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How to activate Email / SMS alerts?

First of all both the Email and SMS alerts are available for any paid subscription. If you do not have a valid subscription, you won't be able to activate any of these delivery options. Please note: free signals are provided with web alerts only. If you have a valid subscription, please follow this page to activate the delivery of alerts via Email and SMS.

Step 1. Log on to your personal page (enter your login and password on any page of the website)

How to log on to the website

Step 2. After logging in you will be redirected to your personal page. Go to (click the link) My Subscription page on top of the personal menu.

My subscription link

Step 3. Check both the Email address for Email alerts and the phone number for SMS.

Phone number for SMS. Please note: your phone number must include a country code. Otherwise you won't receive an alert. For example, for the UK number, it will 44 (a country code) and a phone number 333 00000 33.

Email for Email alerts. Please check your email. If you use any free email services (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, etc.), please add email to your white list to make sure you receive alerts from Signalator.

Email and SMS for alerts

Step 3.1. If your phone number and / or Email address are not correct, click the "Click Here to Update Your Details" link or the "My Details" link with the personal menu to update your phone number for SMS and / or Email address for Email alerts.

Change your phone number for SMS.

Change phone number

Change your Email address for Email alerts.

Change alerts email address

Step 4. Activate SMS and / or Email alert.

Activate SMS Email alerts Navigate the required signal to activate the SMS and Email alerts. There are two check boxes. To activate alerts, check the corresponding check box. Once you have checked the required options, click the "update" button to save changes. The page will be reloaded and you will see which options you have activated. Repeat these steps for each signal.Save subscription settings
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