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Moneta Forex Investment Programme

Total Profit 30%
Profit / Month 3.3%
Drawdown -15.00%

The Moneta investment programme is the only investment programme not trading Gold pair (XAU / USD). If you are not allowed for some reason to trade (e.g. US citizens) or you do not want to trade the Gold pair, this is the best option for you. This programme uses both trend and reversal systems with more trend trading. Low risk and drawdown, high efficiency. The recommended deposit is $2,000 or more. You may trade this programme on accounts with leverage above 1:25. GBPJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD.

As with other programmes and signals we offer, we use only 1 trade at a time for each signal, one SL and TP level. We do not use any Martingale systems or similar which may blow your account. The maximum drawdown level is expected to be within 25%.

Overall Monthly Results

The main trading effect is achieved by a sophisticated approach to money and risk management. Signalator software assess the previous results, the current market situation and the account equity to adapt trading risks and lot sizes. By managing lot sizes and signal's contribution within the trading portfolio, we increase profits and lower potential losses.

The overall monthly results in percentage to the initial deposit and USD are available below. You may switch the initial balance to see how much profit you can make with this programme. Please note: the detailed monthly results are not available for investment programmes.

Display results for

  Profit in % Profit in USD   DD %   Profit in USD Equity
Total Profit 30% $1,480       $1,560 || 31% $6,560
July 2022 0.0% $0   -2.5%   $0 $6,560
June 2022 8.0% $400   0%   $486 $6,560
May 2022 0.0% $0   -2%   $0 $6,074
April 2022 0.0% $0   0%   $0 $6,074
March 2022 1.5% $75   -3.3%   $90 $6,074
February 2022 -5.5% $-275   -9.3%   $-348 $5,984
January 2022 1.5% $75   -5.8%   $94 $6,332
December 2021 3.1% $155   -3.7%   $188 $6,238
November 2021 21.0% $1,050   -7.6%   $1,050 $6,050

Overall Results and Equity Chart