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Signalator For Money Managers

Signalator provides services for all kind of customers (from single newbie traders to corporate money and fund managers). The following website section is completely devoted to services provided to all kind of money, fund and asset managers. Services are suitable for small family fund managers, investment managers, corporate institutional managers, forex signals providers, forex brokers, etc. Depending on your requirements we will provide the forex signals and forex-related services with IT support for any trading scale. If you are looking for a white-label service, please click here.

Each subscription is a subject to bespoke settings, investment portfolio and IT structure. Based on your expectations, we may offer you individual / private trading signals for a desired currency pair, time-frame, frequency of trading, etc. We have been working on the forex market for more then 15 years now. Signalator expertise in both forex trading and financial software is at your complete disposal. All clients receive individual approach with all kind of support options available: phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Email, Personal manager, software installation including third-party software, detailed online trading reports with recommendations, dedicated server access and many more.

Family Funds Managers

More and more people are getting involved in trading currencies. The forex market is very risky. That is the reason why close relatives and friends are the first persons to trust your money to. Anyone will feel more secure if someone close manages his or her money. Family funds manager is a fast growing group of traders working part-time and full-time on the forex market. Use Signalator trading signals as basis of your trading, as an additional type of analysis or as a combination of both.

You will benefit from this type of subscription if you have several accounts with different brokers, use different risk strategies or have family members willing to invest in the forex market for a marginal income. It is a known fact that most forex traders consider the forex as a gambling activity or a kind of a casino. People tend to believe one may be a successful part-time trader. However, on the contrary, it may sound ridiculous if someone told, he was a part-time self-educated surgeon. You would never go to a such "specialist", would you? To make sustainable profits, one has to be a professional trader on any financial market, including the forex.

Signalator team is a group of professional full-time engaged traders and IT specialists with dozens of years in experience. We will take care of all technical and trading issues. Subscription covers up to 5 trading accounts. On your request we will be managing lot sizes, choose the most appropriate signals, maintain an acceptable level of risk.

The recommended account size (one account or a sum of all accounts) is $25,000 or equivalent or more.

Available subscriptions: 1 year subscription for $2,500 and 3 years subscription for $5,000 (or equivalent in any currency). Contact for more details. Or click here to subscribe.

Institutional and Corporate Managers

If you manage three or more accounts with a total fund size of more than $50,000 then you may qualify for the institutional subscription. Clients' accounts may be fully managed by Signalator team (installation, support, alerts) or on your behalf. Accounts are hosted on a dedicated server with your access to server (account credentials are not disclosed to Signalator).

If you require any specific kind of trading, we will provide you signals with dozens of trades a day or for a specific currency pair (additional charges may apply). Practically, you may have any kind of forex trading for any available currency pair. Every client may be considered as a separate account or as a part of a fund, diversifying trading risks. We will develop a trading portfolio based on your trading, investment or any other requirements or expectations.

The recommended account size (one account or a sum of all accounts) is $50,000 or equivalent or more.

Available subscriptions: 1 year subscription for up to 10 accounts $4,500 and 2 years subscription for up to 10 accounts $7,500 (or equivalent in any currency). Should you have any questions, please contact us for more information. We are ready to offer you an acceptable for you terms of subscription and payment. Click here to subscribe.

Questions and Answers
Q. I have two / three personal accounts, which subscription I shall choose?
A. The Family Fund Subscription is the right choice for you. With this subscription, you will be able to connect up to five trading accounts (demo and real accounts).
Q. Why I need to have a deposit of more than $25,000?
A. There are no any kind of requirements for a size of your account. A recommended level of deposit is a proposed amount of funds required to make a good profit whilst maintaining a reasonably low level of risk.
Q. I have more than five family members, shall I get a corporate subscription then?
A. If you would like to use a subscription for more than five family accounts, please contact us. We will offer a small upgrade fee for your subscription.
Q. I manage more than ten accounts, but a total size of all accounts is far less $50,000. What should I do?
A. Corporate fund subscription is intended for a big account with various trading strategies. $50K total deposit is required to maintain a certain level of diversity, profitability and risk. Consider combining accounts together and get a family subscription.