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Thank you for your interest. This page includes all news, updates, product launches, web page updates, etc. Once anything new comes out, it is published here (new posts first). If you are subscribed to the Signalator newsletter, you will receive a copy of an announcement to your emailbox.

Signalator SSL Secured
22 January 2017
Signalator website is fully and completely secured. All communications are made via HTTPS protocol. All your personal and trading data is now securely transmitted between your browser and the Signalator website. You may sure, your connection is private and secure.
Signalator Holidays and 2016 Results
19 December 2016
Thank you for being with us in 2016. Signalator is now on holidays until the second of January 2017. There will be no trades from today and until the second of January. All monthly based subscription will be extended by a three week period (one week as a Christmas gift). Though the current year is not the most profitable we had, but still we made about 55% net profit with the Complete set
Signalator Economic Calendar
1 December 2016
We are glad to announce, we launch an economic calendar for our customers and visitors. Now you may easily follow the most important economic news directly on the Signalator website - Click here to visit the Signalator Economic Calendar
Re-designed signals detailed results pages
14 November 2016
We have re-designed detailed results pages for all signals. More information is now available on each page. Pages are easier to read and find a required piece of information. As an example, check the EURUSD XT signal page.

To make things easier to understand, we have also prepared the page of Results Notions . Now anyone will easily understand what all these figures mean.
New Monthly Average Results and Forex Signals Pages
10 November 2016
Recently, we have been making results which are lower than in the beginning of this year. The results are lower compared to previous year results as well. There is a number of reasons for this, including Brexit, US Election, etc. Most signals provide less pips than a simple average (sum / period). That is why, we decided to use only Weighted Moving Average results for all monthly results published on our website. Weighted average considers the most recent results as the most valuable. This is the case for everyone who trades today but not a year ago. On all statistics pages, subscribe, menu results we are now using this new average result.

We have updated the forex signals page. Now it includes several more columns. The most important update - the sorting option. You may now sort the signals table and check 10 different figures. Click here to view.
Guaranteed Pips Plus and Managed Accounts
8 November 2016
Today we launch the Guaranteed Pips Plus subscription. The advanced version of the popular guaranteed pips subscription. No profits -> Money Back is the main idea of this new subscription. We will make you a fixed amount of profits within a fixed amount of time. Should we fail to do it, we will refund you the full subscription fee. Click here to read more about the guaranteed profits results.

The managed accounts services have been updated. The minimum required deposit is now $15,000. The fees are paid after profits are made. Only the small fee is paid in advance. Find out more about the managed accounts here.
Signalator Halloween Special Offer
28 October 2016
We are happy to announce the Halloween 2016 Special Offer release. 42% - 72% discounts for the Plus Signalator Set. Within 1 week from Halloween, you may benefit from an exceptional offer to the best forex signals offered. Click here to view the Special Offers page.
New pages and help articles published
5 September 2016
We have launched the Features of Subscription page which describes all possible subscription features and subscription add-on options available. The corresponding changes to all subscription pages will soon be released.
What is a good and a reliable forex signals provider? This question arises many times. Four years ago, Michael Winter (the head of Sales and Support) published an article on this topic. Whilst upgrading the website, it was not moved to the new website. Now, we are glad to offer it to you again - Choosing a reliable forex signals provider.
We have also published a small bit of help articles:
How long does it take to execute a trade?
Who decides how many lots to open?
I don't trust robots. Why shall I use an autotrader?
How does automated trading work?
Is is possible to have all trades executed automatically?
Do you make trades during the news?
What is the minimum required deposit?
My trade was closed by SL and yours did not, why?
My trade result is different from yours, why?
AUDJPY Plus signal type change
1 September 2016
The AUDJPY Plus signal was initially released as one of the Plus signals. Since the release of the signal, we have changed the trading concept of the Plus signals. AUDJPY Plus is no longer within the Plus trading conditions. That is why the AUDJPY Plus is renamed to the AUDJPY XT signal and is now included with the Signalator XT signals set. The price is the same as for any other XT signal.
Signalator websites consolidation
1 September 2016
From the 1st of September, we have consolidated all forex websites and pointed to the Signalator.Com website. The following websites are now permanently pointing to the Signalator main website:,,,

The Facebook accounts were also merged to reflect the recent changes. The currently available facebook account is (merged with the previously main account facebook/signalsforex)
Signalator XT Plus Set Title Update
1 September 2016
Recently we have added the Signalator Plus signals set which includes all Plus signals. Not to make any confusions with the Signalator XT Plus its title is changed to the Signalator Multi signals set with an immediate effect. The set includes the five signals as previously. However, in the future the signals included within the set may be changed. From now on, the Multi set will be including the most popular signals.The price was reduced to $125 a month to equal the Signalator XT and the Signalator signals sets.
Signalator Plus Signals Set Launch
31 August 2016
Finally, we launch the Signalator Plus forex signals set.

Signalator Plus is a group of Plus signals. These signals are used as a basis for the managed account services. The monthly price was updated and now it is $95 for any one signal and $350 for all 6 pairs.

Signalator Plus includes: GBPJPY Plus, AUDUSD Plus, USDJPY Plus, GBPUSD Plus, EURUSD Plus and Gold signals. All signals except EURUSD Plus are newly introduced whilst the EURUSD Plus was changed to reflect the recent changes. Trading for all pairs will begin from 1st of September 2016.
Results and Monthly Results Launch
11 August 2016
Updated Trading Results Page
We have updated and revised the Signals Results page. Now it includes the best signals and signals sets for the current and the previous month, table with overall monthly results for the last 8 months for both signals and signals sets, the chart with cumulative results for each signal and the chart with cumulative results for signals sets - Trading Results Page

Monthly Results Pages
The yearly and monthly results page is available at Monthly Results. You will find the total profit, the drawdown and the number of trades details for each traded month and year since September 2014. More likely, the chart with a monthly results will be added as well.

Every Month Results with Details
From now on, you may check the results for any traded period from September 2014. Links are available from the Monthly Results Page. For example, August 2016 results - August 2016 Results. Each page includes the overall statistics details: total profit, number of trades, drawdown, profit and loss received, etc. The every trade table with all details for each trade and the chart with every trade result and cumulative account growth.
GBPJPY Plus and AUDUSD Plus launch
1 August 2016
From 1st of August, there are two new signals available for subscription: GBPJPY Plus ( and AUDUSD Plus (
GBPJPY Plus is expected to be the most profitable signal with about 300 pips a month. Whilst the AUDUSD Plus is expected to have about 200 pips profit a month. The Plus signals were revised and now Plus signals are signals with very high monthly profit and high number of trades (higher than for XT signals). Currently available Plus signals (EURUSD Plus and AUDJPY Plus will be revised and updated). AUDJPY Plus will be switched to AUDJPY XT signal and EURUSD Plus will be updated to reflect the recent changes. Two more pairs will be added by the end of August approximately: USDJPY Plus and GBPUSD Plus each with about 200 pips a month.
My Links and My Messages Launch
27 July 2016
We have noticed most of registered users experience some difficulties with website navigation. It takes some time to find an appropriate link or result. Now, you may add up to 5 "my links" which will be displayed at the top of any page whilst you are logged in. To add my links, go to My Details Link and add any Signalator URL with a custom title.

The customer support is the highest priority in Signalator. To meet your high demands, we have developed the personal messages support system. Personal support tickets are securely stored on your personal page. You may access them from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, these messages can't be sent to a spam / junk box of your email provider. You will receive also an email confirmation once you have a new message. Contact your personal manager or any other support department. Click here to view / access the Signalator Messaging system - My Messages Link
Trade Lot Types Page Launch
20 July 2016
We have launched the page with the examples and with the explanations on different trading lot types. There are currently three types of lot offered: Fixed Lot, % of Deposit and Flexible lot. You will find the detailed explanations for each type of lot, the comparison table. This page will help you tune your trading. Click here to view the page.
NZDUSD XT Signal Launch
12 July 2016
We continue our signals expansion to Signalator XT signals set - Now we have released the NZD USD XT signal -

The results are expected to be similar to those of the AUDUSD XT signal. Signal is now available with any Signalator XT or Signalator Complete signals set. The monthly price is the same as for other pairs. Signalator XT signals set price is not affected.