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Offer Your Price For Signalator Services

Signalator has always been a client-oriented company offering an outstanding level of customer support. Special offers and discounted prices are very popular among existing and new customers. However, these offers are limited in time and offer only a very limited range of services. Now, you have an opportunity to get the desired Signalator services at your price with the options you only require.

Signalator Services

Signalator offers a variety of services, subscription and delivery options. You may choose between period subscriptions, investment programmes, guaranteed pips, EA robots. All Signalator subscription options you may find here. All subscriptions include Email and Telegram alerts, Automated trading (copy trading) for any MT4 / 5 account, a free VPS server for trading platform hosting, outstanding customer support. All subscription features are available here.

Depending on your requirements, trading conditions, deposit allowance and many other factors you may not need some of the offered delivery options, you may want to trade only with a part of a signals set, etc. Use the following guide to find on how to get what you need and for a reduced subscription price.

How Does It Work?

How to apply? Contact us via Whatsapp | Telegram | Live Chat | Contacts Page to offer your price. Consider what do you need exactly and offer us your reasonable price. We may either accept it and offer our services at your offered price, make a different offer or reject it. Discover guidance with tips on how to reduce the subscription cost and increase your satisfaction with Signalator services.

The Most Common Situations and Options

Delivery Options

All Signalator services come with all possible delivery options with Automated Trading / Copy Trading and VPS hosting being the most expensive option. If for some reason you do not want or need automated trading (with or without a VPS server), you may expect a discount of up to 50% of the offered price.

Example 1. The most popular Golden Set is $195 a month. If you do not need automated trading, we may almost certainly be ready to provide it to you for $99 a month. You will be receiving instant Telegram and Email alerts.

A Period Of Subscription

By default, we offer period subscriptions for one, three, six and twelve months. However, you may want to trade for two months or would like to get an additional discount for a yearly subscription. Moreover, there are some services offered with a minimum of three or six months.

Example 2. You are interested in subscribing to the Complete Set ($295 a month) for two months (that would be $590). We may offer this subscription with a good discount.

Example 3. You want to try the Prime Investment Programme but the minimum subscription period is three months with a $1047 price. You may ask to offer this service for you for one or two months at a reduced price.

Specific Currency Pairs

Most signals sets include various currency pairs. You may simply not want to trade any pairs for any reason or you may not be allowed to trade some pairs (e.g. Gold). There is no reason to pay the full amount of a subscription if you do not fully utilize it.

Example 4. The Signalator Trend signals set includes EURUSD, AUDJPY, USDCAD and other pairs. You do not want to trade the USDCAD pair. We may offer you a discount by removing this pair from your subscription.

Example 5. You want to trade the Gold Trend signal and the Gold signal which can be obtained individually for $130 or as a part of the Golden Set for $195. We may almost certainly offer a monthly subscription to these two signals for $95.

Demo or Small Real Account Trading

Though we offer third-party verified results and share real account statements with new and existing customers, you may want to see how everything works in your account (demo or a small real account). The main objective for subscribing to Signalator services is to make some profits. If you trade on a demo account or on a small real account, you won't make money to cover the costs. In this case, we may either offer you a very good discount or a free grace period. During the period of trading on a demo or a small live account, your subscription won't be expiring.

Example 5. You have a demo or a small live account ($200 or less) and want to see how everything works with the guaranteed pips subscription (250 pips for $195 for example). We may either do not count pips whilst you trade on a demo account or give you a good discount.

Several, Family or Friends Accounts

On a general rule, one Signalator subscription is valid for one trading account. However, you may have several accounts on your own, or with your family members or friends. No need in obtaining a subscription for each account. We will definitely offer a very good price.

Example 6. You have two accounts with different brokers and one for your husband or wife and you want to trade with the Low Risk Investment Programme. Each subscription is offered for a minimum of $885 for a quarter. We will certainly offer you a very good discount under these circumstances.

Split a Payment Into Several Instalments

There could be countless situations when you may need to split your subscription fee (a big yearly payment for an Aggressive Programme), or you expect the full amount to be available on your account in the near future, etc. We do always try to find an acceptable way of payment

Example 7. You consider a yearly subscription to the Aggressive Investment Programme (which is $2,925). We may offer you to split the payment into two, three or four instalments to benefit from a better price.

How To Get The Desired Price?

Contact us via Whatsapp | Telegram | Live Chat | Contacts Page to offer your price. Please use any of the available contacts options to speak to the Signalator representative. We are sure we will make you an offer you will certainly like and be ready to accept.