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The Pay For A Trade Subscription

The pay for a trade subscription is a type of subscription when you pay only for executed trades. No trades = no pay. Signalator offers various subscription types: period based, guaranteed pips, guaranteed profits and the pay for trade. Each type of subscription has its own benefits and disadvantages. Trading style of Signalator traders is quite different to what is commonly expected by a forex trader. We do not make dozens of trades a day. We are waiting for a good moment to make a trade. Moreover, we believe, it is better to stay out of the market, rather then to make a loss trade. That is the main reason, why a period based subscription is very often no so cost-effective as it is expected to be. Unlike the guaranteed pips subscription, the price for the pay for trade subscription is lower and it varies depending on a signal type you trade.

Main Benefits

Subscription remains active if there are no trades for a period of time.

Variable subscription costs depending on a type of used signals.

Lower costs compared to other result based subscriptions (guaranteed pips, guaranteed profits and managed accounts).

How Does It Work?

To obtain the pay for a trade subscription, you buy trade credits. Every time we make a trade, credits are debited from your account. Depending on a type of signals (you may read about various types of signals here), a different number of credits is debited. This ensures, you pay less for less efficient signals. In contrast to the guaranteed pips subscription (and guaranteed pips plus), the number of credits used is not connected with a result of a trade. If we make a good profitable trade, for 45 pips as an example, your account is still debited with a fixed number of credits. That is very beneficial for you when we make profitable trades.

The following rates are available: 1 Credit for any Basic trade, 3 Credits for any XT trade and 5 credits for any Plus trade. Please note: these rates may be changed without prior notification. Example 1. You have 75 credits. We make a trade for EURUSD . One credit is debited. So your balance of credits will be 74 credits. Example 2.You have 74 credits left. We make a trade for XT signal and two trades for Plus signals. It means from your account is debited (1*3 + 2*5)>13 credits. Your new balance of credits is 61.

Benefits and Features

The main emphasis with the pay for a trade subscription is made on two points: a price of a subscription and a validity period. As we may be out of the market for several days, you may think anything is wrong or you may believe you pay for nothing (as subscription period is expiring and you are not receiving what you have paid for).The table below illustrates different trading periods and the best type of subscription to use. You will find several periods of trading with overall results and corresponding prices of a subscription for the Pay for a trade, the Guaranteed pips and the Period based subscription. Please note: for the guaranteed pips and for the pay for a trade subscriptions, a cost for one pip or for one credit vary. We consider a commonly offered prices (1 credit = $2; 1 pip= $1.1).

Period and Signals Pay For a Trade Guaranteed Pips Period Based
Basic set - Sep 2017 || 270 pips profit || 26 trades Max cost is $52* Max cost is $297* The cost is $55
Signalator Plus set - Sep 2016 || 1 pip profit || 51 trades Max cost is $510* Max cost is $1* The cost is $175
Complete set - Jan 2017 || 588 pips profit || 52 trades Max cost is $464* Max cost is $647* The cost is $295
Signalator Plus set - Oct 2017 || 243 pips profit || 26 trades Max cost is $260* Max cost is $267* The cost is $175
Gold signal - March 2017 || 70 pips profit || 3 trades Max cost is $30* Max cost is $77* The cost is $45
Complete set - Feb 2017 || 5 pips profit || 92 trades Max cost is $704* Max cost is $6* The cost is $295
* - Cost of trades credits / guaranteed pips is lower if you buy more credits / pips. Ready to begin? Click here to buy trading credits now.

As you may clearly see, there is no one the very best type of subscription for all periods and trading signals. These are the overall general recommendations and correlations:
a) when we make more trades, it is beneficial to use the guaranteed pips or the period based;
b) when Signalator signals are in a good positive trend, it is better to use the period based subscription;
c) finally when markets are very volatile and we do not make many trades, the best option is the pay for a trade subscription.

Questions and Answers
Q. Why credits are used differently for various signals?
A. Signalator offer the three types of signals: Basic, XT and Plus. Plus signals are the most efficient. These signals make less trades with highest efficiency. Moreover, an average profit for a Plus trade is much higher compared to Basic and XT signals. You may read in more details about distinctive sides of these signals here.
Q. Which signals I may choose with the Pay for a trade subscription?
A. Similarly to the guaranteed pips subscription, with the pay for a trade subscription, you may choose any signals we currently offer: from one signal to all signals s traded simultaneously.
Q. Is it possible to use several types of subscriptions with one trading account?
A. Yes, you may use all types of subscription at the same time. For example, you may go for the following selections: Pay for a trade for Basic , Guaranteed pips for Plus and Period based for XT signals.
Q. Does it mean I may use Plus signals with three types of subscriptions at the same time?
A. Yes, you are right. You may use GBPJPY Plus with the guaranteed pips subscription, Gold signal with the pay for a trade and all the left Plus signals with the period based subscription.
Q. Do I have to buy credit first?
A. Yes, most types of subscriptions we offer, including the pay for a trade, are pre-paid. That means, you have to buy credits first and then use them by trading with the Signalator forex signals.