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Prime Forex Investment Programme

Total Profit 153.50%
Profit / Month 22.00%
Drawdown -12.63%

Signalator investment programme offers an exceptional level of stability and profits on the currency market. Trading is conducted with the most traded and popular forex pairs providing high liquidity, low spread values and acceptable level of technical prediction. The main objective is a high profit with a low drawdown. The number of trades a month is relatively low compared to other types of subscriptions available.

All results are provided in percentage to the initial deposit, deposit at the start of month and year. Overall results, average monthly profit and drawdown levels are displayed in % relative to your deposit. Trading is based on the most efficient trading signals provided by Signalator. Despite that fact, the results in pips and percentage for those signals significantly differ from results published herein.

Overview and Details

Indicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
Profit a month : 22.00%
(?) Total profit A sum of all trades made.
Total Profit = Profitable Trades Results + Loss Trades Results.
Higher values are better.
(?) Profit a month Indicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
22.00 %
(?) DepositA recommended level of deposit to allocate for 0.1 lot trading. If you trade 0.1 lot, on average 1 pip = $1
$ 4000
(?) DrawdownMaximum reduction / decrease of an equity.
(?) Best monthThe most profitable month.
101.49 %
(?) Worst monthThe worst month
0.00 %
(?) Months tradedA total number of months traded.
Months Traded = Total Number of Months (Date End - Date Start)
Basically the longer a signal is traded the more stable it is.
7 months

Prime Forex Investment Programme 15,17,18,81,82,83,84,87,89. Please note: these pairs are not the same as the corresponding signals provided throughout the website.

The main trading effect is achieved by a sophisticated approach to money and risk management. Signalator traders assess the previous results, the current market situation and the account equity to adapt trading risks and lot sizes. By managing lot sizes and signal's contribution within the trading portfolio, we increase profits and lower potential losses.

This service is very much alike the managed accounts service by Signalator. However, the subscription is a period-based (you pay a fixed monthly-quarterly-yearly) fee independently of your account size. When you subscribe, you have to choose the maximum drawdown level you would like to accept. The higher the drawdown level (and the risk) the higher profits you would possibly get.

Overall Results and Equity Chart

Monthly Complete Results

2021 Q3

Total Q3

2021 Q2

Total Q2

2021 Q1

Total Q1
Subscription Options and Prices
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$ 3,141 12 months subscription ADD TO CART