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1,074 pips / 617 trades
October 2017
345 pips / 70 trades
19 Oct 17
9.6 pips / 1 trades
Latest trade
9.6 pips / USDJPY-PLUS

Signalator Forex Trading Results

The Signalator trading results page is the comprehensive trading report which includes dozens of indicators, figures, comments and many more. On the left hand side you will see the Live Results table displaying the overall details . All other results published on this page are updated automatically every hour.

View the forex signals page and the forex signals sets page.These results reflect the trades made by Signalator forex traders and include the currently available signals only. The following results are the cumulative results for each traded currency pair. Should you require the results for a particular pair, please navigate the menu or click on a desired pair.Further you will find the overall trading results for all available trade signals and forex signals sets. If you want to check results for every month, please click here to view monthly results. To get a detailed information including an every trade report, trade results efficiency, number of profit and loss trade, etc., please click on a desired signal or a signals set. Click here to view best forex signals page.

The Best Results

Oct 2017 Best Signals   Oct 2017 Best Sets   Sep 2017 Best Signals   Sep 2017 Best Sets
GBPUSD 103 pips Complete 345 pips GBPJPY 100 pips Basic 270 pips
GBPJPY PLUS 92 pips Signalator Plus 182 pips AUDUSD 97 pips Complete 208 pips
EURUSD 86 pips Signalator 101 pips USDJPY PLUS 79 pips Signalator Plus -26 pips

These tables demonstrate the most profitable signals and signals sets for the current and for the previous month. Visit the list of the most profitable signals for previous periods, to find out the most efficient signals, the signals with the lowest drawdown.

Monthly Overall Results

The following table gives you an overall results in pips for signals and signals sets for the past 8 months. Click any signal or a signals set to view its detailed statistics page. The older results are also available on a dedicated results page. The results for previous months are final and reflect the net results (profits - losses). Current month results include trades made so far. These results may be changed as soon as a new trade is released. Check Monthly&Yearly results page. If you would like to see as many results for the previous periods as possible, please proceed to the overall monthly results page for the last 24 months results for all signals.

Signals / Month Oct'17Sep'17Aug'17Jul'17Jun'17May'17Apr'17Mar'17Feb'17Jan'17Dec'16
Complete345 pips 208 pips 46 pips -114 pips 181 pips -338 pips -94 pips 247 pips 5 pips 588 pips 114 pips
Signalator101 pips -83 pips 28 pips 7 pips 167 pips -66 pips -86 pips 307 pips -37 pips 363 pips 95 pips
Signalator XT96 pips -37 pips 75 pips -133 pips 53 pips -255 pips -98 pips -6 pips 51 pips 311 pips 82 pips
Basic67 pips 270 pips -58 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips
Signalator Plus182 pips -26 pips 28 pips 19 pips 128 pips -83 pips 5 pips 253 pips -46 pips 277 pips 32 pips
Gold-56.5 pips 1 pips 26.5 pips 2 pips -3.5 pips nana69.5 pips -88 pips 52 pips 13 pips
GBPJPY XT79.8 pips -4 pips 96 pips -22 pips 30 pips 52.5 pips 70 pips -95.5 pips -86.5 pips na1 pips
GBPJPY PLUS92.3 pips -126.5 pips 65 pips 24 pips 71 pips 10 pips -35.5 pips 37.5 pips 210 pips na1.5 pips
USDJPY PLUS2.3 pips 78.5 pips 26 pips na1 pips 32 pips -0.5 pips 28.5 pips -8.5 pips 107 pips 40 pips
GBPUSD XT76.2 pips -41 pips 89 pips 1 pips -22.5 pips -157.5 pips -15 pips 70 pips 97 pips 86 pips 40 pips
AUDUSD PLUS43 pips 20 pips 15 pips na59.5 pips -103 pips 23.5 pips 56.5 pips -79 pips 75 pips 12 pips
GBPUSD103.4 pips -14 pips -25 pips nananananananana
AUDUSD XT13.4 pips 53.5 pips -98 pips -54.5 pips 11.5 pips 12.5 pips -65.5 pips 30 pips -21 pips 25.5 pips -6.5 pips
AUDJPY XT11.7 pips 40 pips nana8 pips 23 pips -39.5 pips 35 pips -36.5 pips 25 pips 26 pips
USDJPY XT-35.5 pips -9 pips 53 pips 14.5 pips 31.5 pips -129 pips 24.5 pips 8 pips 48.9 pips 66.9 pips 21.5 pips
USDJPY29.6 pips 56.5 pips nanananananananana
EURUSD XT43.9 pips 21 pips -65 pips -60 pips -37 pips -50.5 pips -21.5 pips -72.5 pips 1 pips 29.5 pips 49 pips
GBPJPY-98.1 pips 99.5 pips nanananananananana
EURUSD86.3 pips 30.5 pips -32.5 pips nananananananana
AUDUSD-54.6 pips 97 pips nanananananananana
EURUSD Plus30.5 pips 1 pips -52.5 pips 12.5 pips na42.5 pips 10 pips 54.5 pips -123.5 pips 22 pips 13.5 pips
NZDUSD XTnanana-11.5 pips 31 pips -6 pips -51 pips 12.5 pips 30.5 pips 92.5 pips -39.5 pips
USDCAD XTnananananananana1 pips -14 pips -34 pips
USDCHF XTnanananananana6.5 pips 1 pips na24.5 pips
GBPUSD PLUS70.8 pips 0.5 pips -52 pips -20 pips na-64 pips 7 pips 6.5 pips 43 pips 21 pips -48 pips
EURJPY XT-93.5 pips -97 pips nananananana15.5 pips nana
For older results please check the detailed currency pairs pages results.


Trade Results Charts

Please get acquainted with the two charts: the signals cumulative chart and the signals sets cumulative results chart. On the first chart (the signals chart), the 10 most profitable signals over the past 6 months are activated by default. You may click on a legend to make a signal's results visible or to hide it.

Questions and Answers
Q. What Signalator results are based on?
A. All Signalator results reflect the trades our traders made. Every time we open a trade, the trade details are added to the database. Once a trade is closed, the website calculates the results and updates the details.
Q. How long Signalator has been providing trading signals?
A. First currency signals we provided over the phone to our clients in 2000. Since then we changed the way we send signals, we open trades and so on.
Q. Why your signals results are so recent then?
A. The world is permanently changing and so the forex market does. The trading strategies we used 3-5 years ago do not properly work now and as we make major amendments to our trading strategies, we offer new trading signals. However, all (or most of all) previous results are available at Signalator signals archive page.
Q. My results differ from the results published on the website. Why is that?
A. In most cases, trades executed by our traders and trades executed by you will have identical results. However, due to the various factors including spread, slippage, time, etc. trades can be executed at different prices (your price may be worse or even better, making it more or less balanced). If you experience bigger discrepancies, please contact us.