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Signalator Software Developer

Signalator is the web software developer. Our main and primary field of interest is finance. Signalator offers ready-to-use and custom developed financial websites, market analysis software and multilingual websites with advanced CMS systems.

Whether you require a simple website or a complex portal with a big number of features, we will offer you high quality solutions with reasonable costs and short completion terms. Our expertise and knowledge in both web development and money market trading (forex, stock) help us build award winning analysis and trading web applications.

Website Development

Signalator offers website creation on any scale: from personal page to corporate website with complex structure. We have experience in building multilingual websites, user management, SQL storage, knowledge bases, shopping carts, statistics and reports modules, forum and conversation boards and many more. The Signalator website is fully built and developed by Signalator IT team. You may navigate it to find out what we do. Click here to visit the Signalator forex signals provider website. If you would like to read in more details about the prices, terms and possible features, please follow this link.

Signalator FX Backtesting Software

Backtesting software to test your trading ideas, to develop a profitable trading system. Analysis of trades is required for a successful trading. Get detailed reports of made trades for a better understanding of how efficient trades were, did they open at a right time with adequate levels of TP / SL. Solution is suitable for any trading. You may use the Signalator signals services, make your own trades or use any third-party services. Export detailed trade results from your trading account to the Signalator Trading Analysis Software and get a number of informative reports. Click here to find out more.

Trading Signals Providers Software

Reliable and profitable trading signals have to be delivered and displayed properly for your customers. We offer the solutions for trading signals providers including clients management, signals to clients delivery (SMS, Email, Automated trading, Web), trading reports, newsletter sending and much more. Become an established trading signal provider with an advanced website. Choose your required modules and have everything installed directly on your server. Find out more now.