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Signalator Website Development

There are more than three and a half billion internet users in the world. Users become visitors when they reach any particular web page (website). Web page today is considered at least as important as an offline showroom or a shop. Not to mention a great variety of personal, news, knowledge, information, etc. types of pages. Web pages become more and more complex and sophisticated, requiring dozens of interactions between a visitor and a website.

Signalator specializes on websites with complex structure with a big number of functions and options. This is most required by e-commerce websites. However, on your request we are happy to develop a personal website, corporate and any other type of website. Coding is based on one of the most popular web programming languages - PHP with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS extensions. As an example of what we offer, please visit the Signalator signals provider website.

Available Options

Any website is a group of pages. Visitors normally see a tip part of a website iceberg. Your website is supposed to interact with your customers and visitors. When a visitor opens a page, a back-end coding prepares everything to display depending on what you would want a code to show. The server-side back-end coding is what we are offering. Further you will find the most popular and the most used website functions. Depending on a complexity of your website and your requirements we are happy to develop a unique section or a part of your current or a new website.

User Management

Most websites offer user registration. There is a an incredibly big number of ways on how to use this option. We offer initial user registration (with email confirmation, no duplicates registration), database structure and management, restore password, display different web content for registered and non-registered users, etc.

CMS (Content Management System)

Very likely your website has or will have more than a ten pages. Benefit from using templates for top and bottom of your web-pages and easily manage main content for any particular page with unique title, keywords, description and body. The number of templates is unlimited.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart allows you to display your goods and services with available prices and purchase options. Support multi-currency payments, manage invoices, accept payments via various payment providers. Check an example here.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is website section with help files, manuals and tutorials. Create groups, topics, accept ratings and comments from users and visitors. Any depth of articles and groups is possible. You may have groups, articles, topics and many more. Knowledge base will be suited to your needs. An example is here.

Multi-lingual Website

If you would like to offer your website in several languages, then this option is required. There are several ways to implement smooth language change along with a proper web coding. Signalator trading signals website is available in several languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, etc.) You may simply check it by visiting or

SEO Friendly Links

If you check the URL of the current website, you will see "" but not First of all it looks much better and it is understandable for a visitor. Secondly, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu rank such pages higher.

Newsletter and News Section

It is very likely you are going to publish news and send newsletters to your registered customers. You may always use any third-party software but you will need to integrate everything with your coding and your database. Signalator newsletter module is used to publish news (separately for each language), maintain several news channels and send emails to your clients.

Directories, Rankings and Polls

If you host any kind of directory or a ranking, you will need an automated system to collect visits, comments and votes by your visitors. Looking for a poll or a group of polls, combine it with any section to get a direct response from your visitors.

If you require any specific section of a website not mentioned here, please contact us.

Brand Name Creation

Brand name or a website name may be a key factor in your success story. A brand name must be easy to remember (10-15 symbols at Max), it should be associated with what you are doing and a top level domain (tld) preferably .com must be available. Signalator has created several brands like Signalator matching all requirements: TrumpGain, SignalsForex, TutoMoneta.

Depending on a sphere of your product / service it may take from a week to several months to find an acceptable solution. Prices start at $2,500 per brand name + a .com domain. We will offer you several options to choose from.

Examples and Prices

Any website is a unique place. It may be a small personal website with three pages in total or it may be a very complex portal with a vast number of functions, many languages and thousands of pages. A development process is quite different for mentioned examples. Please find approximate prices and periods to complete a development. Please note: these are estimates. Every contract is subject to negotiation.

Description Price Completion period
One website section (user management, CMS, shopping cart, SEO, multilingual support) approx $1,000 2 weeks-2 months
Simple PHP coding website with user management, CMS and CSS approx $3,500 1 month
PHP coding Website with user management, advanced CMS, shopping cart and SEO links, CSS and JavaScript approx $15,000 2 months
Multilingual PHP website / portal with SEO links, advanced CMS, shopping cart, user management, newsletter and knowledge base, polls and ranking pages, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery approx $35,000 4-6 months
Complex advanced website with all options and individually coded options and features from $50,000 6-12 months
Brand name development with .com domain from $2,500 2 weeks - 3 months

All prices and periods are estimate and are brought for illustration purposes. To get a quote, please contact us. Please note: we require a 50% pre-payment for all new customers.