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Signalator provides forex signals services with a 40% discount or a 100% bonus to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. While at home without a job, make money for yourself and your family. Get all the benefits the forex may offer under these difficult conditions.
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This page provides all available subscription options. You will find details for every option with a button for adding to subscription and overall details / explanations. All paid options already include Email alerts, Web alerts and Automated trading (MT4-MT5 via EA). For an additional charge, all alerts may be sent via SMS. If you would like to update a payment currency or a payment provider, please use the corresponding options within the menu or options below.

If you are not sure which subscription option to choose, you may visit the subscription options page to find the most appropriate subscription type. The following subscription types are available: a monthly subscription to a signals set (1-12 months). New subscriptions receive a two-week introductory bonus. Discounted subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or 12 months; guaranteed pips subscription (125-2,500 pips); managed account service. Depending on a subscription type, the following add-ons and extensions are available: Email and SMS alerts, automated trades execution for metatrader accounts (MT4 / MT5), trading platform hosting, manual execution of trades. Click here to read in more details about features of subscription.

We accept most popular payment options including PayPal, Skrill, Major credit cards, Bitcoin, Neteller, Western Union, Webmoney. A payment may be processed in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CHF, CAD, JPY, JPY, RUR, MXN, XBT(BTC). If you would to make a payment via a payment provider not listed here or you would like to pay in a different currency, please contact us.

Monthly Subscription. Subscribe to 1 - 24 months for one currency pair (or commodity) or to a signals set.
Guaranteed Pips. Buy net profits for your trading account and use any available signals. Package of 125-2500 pips are available.
EA Software. Buy trading robot and make profits for as long as you want. Buy FX, Commodities or Indices EA Robot.

Choose and subscribe

Check all options you would like to subscribe to and then click the Checkout Now button. Your will see your order with all details before you make a payment. Please read the refund policy and the risk disclosure pages prior to subscription.

Add the 'covid' promo code on the checkout page to receive a discount of 40% or the 'bonus' promo code to receive a 100% extension of the subscription.

Title Price / Options   Delivery Options
Signalator EA


Title Price / Options   Delivery Options
125 guaranteed pips $ 125 / ($ 1 for 1 pip)
250 guaranteed pips $ 240 / ($ 0.96 for 1 pip)
500 guaranteed pips $ 475 / ($ 0.95 for 1 pip)
750 guaranteed pips $ 690 / ($ 0.92 for 1 pip)
1000 guaranteed pips $ 890 / ($ 0.89 for 1 pip)
1500 guaranteed pips $ 1,275 / ($ 0.85 for 1 pip)
2500 guaranteed pips $ 1,990 / ($ 0.8 for 1 pip)


Title Price / Options   Delivery Options
100 pips guaranteed profits $ 295 / ($ 2.95 for 1 pip)
150 pips guaranteed profits $ 395 / ($ 2.63 for 1 pip)
200 pips guaranteed profits $ 495 / ($ 2.48 for 1 pip)


Title Price / Options   Delivery Options
EURUSD EA (software purchase ) $ 950
Signalator EA (software purchase ) $ 3,500
GBPUSD EA (software purchase ) $ 950
EA GOLD (software purchase ) $ 950
GBPJPY EA (software purchase ) $ 950
GBPCHF EA (software purchase ) $ 950
GBPAUD EA (software purchase ) $ 950
GBPCAD EA (software purchase ) $ 495
Questions and Answers
Q. Is it possible to subscribe to one or to several currency pairs?
A.If you would like to subscribe to 2-3 currency pairs, add these pairs to your shopping cart and then subscribe. If you are looking for more pairs, consider a signals set subscription (a subscription to a group signals). You may find more information about signals sets here.
Q. How can I receive trading signals?
A. Signals are delivered via SMS, Email alerts, Web alerts on your personal page and can be executed automatically via MT4-MT5 EAs autotraders directly on your account.
Q. What if my monthly subscription ends with a loss?
A. We can not guarantee you make a profit within a certain period of time. The periodic subscription expires regardless the trading results (so if you have a bad month, you will have to subscribe again). With the pay for profits guaranteed pips subscription, your subscription will be valid until you make net profit on your account for an amount of pips you are subscribed to. Read in more details about guaranteed pips.
Q. I want to have trades automated, is it possible?
A. All trades can be executed automatically on any metatrader broker account (metatrader MT4-MT5). Click here for more details on automated trading.
Q. How much money do I need to start trading with your signals?
A. Basically there is no minimum or requirements as we provide signals information for your consideration. You may trade on a real or on a demo account with our signals. However, to get the maximum benefit it is recommended to follow the risk and money management rules. Find out here what are the recommended deposits.
Q. Do Signalator signals use market or pending orders?
A. All Signalator signals are market orders which means you have to execute a trade once you've received trade details. Don't wait for the open or close price as these are the prices we made our trade. Open, close or update a trade as soon as you receive an alert.
Q. I'm not happy with trading results. I want a refund. How do I do that?
A. When you subscribe to our signals you must read and accept the Risk Disclosure and the Refund Policy statements before you proceed. Refunds are normally issued within a short period of time if a subscription was made by mistake. Trading results can not be grounds for a refund.
How many accounts I can connect to automated execution?
Basic subscription includes one trading account within one subscription. If you would like to trade with up to 3 trading accounts, consider Extended subscription option. For a 50% of a subscription fee you will get up to three trading accounts traded with one Signalator subscription. Detailed information available here.