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Signalator Products and Services Subscription Options

Signalator is a provider of free and paid forex signals and software developer. Depending on your requirements you will find the most suitable product and a subscription option.

Whether you have as low as $500 or as much as $500,000 to invest, whether you have one account or you manage hundreds of accounts we will be able to offer top-level products and services at affordable prices.

We provide our services to retail customers (both experienced and non-experienced) and businesses in various fields. Please get acquainted with the provided services and subscription options.

If you do not see the desired product or service within the list, or it is not exactly what you are looking for, we will be happy to offer an individual approach.


Available Signalator Products and Subscription Options

Free and Paid Forex Signals

Signalator offers free and paid profitable forex signals for major currency pairs and gold. All signals include SL and TP levels. You may check all signals for free on the free Signalator Channel. Alternatively, you may register on our website and check all signals for free on your personal page. The free option includes only Telegram channel and website alerts. The list of all available signals you may find here.

Paid forex signals are mostly provided in the way of the Autotrader automated trading software being a part of the Domino Platform.

Terms & Prices: Free, 1 month $95-$149, 1 Year $495-$795, Lifetime $1,495-$2,295VIEW DETAILS.

MT4 / 5 Autotrader Automated Trading Software

Autotrader is the most popular product / service we offer. This software is provided as an EA (Expert Advisor) for any Metatrader MT4 / 5 account. All Signalator signals, 3rd party signals, your own trades are executed automatically and instantly with free VPS server installation on high-end dedicated servers. The detailed information on the Autotrader is available here. Depending on the signals you want to use, you will need different Autotrader subscriptions suitable for Domino Set or Storm set.

Signalator offers a completely free subscription for the Autotrader. Check the free automated trading subscription.

Terms & Prices: Free, 1 month $95-$149, 1 Year $495-$795, Lifetime $1,495-$2,295VIEW DETAILS.

Domino Platform

The Domino Platform is the pinnacle of Signalator products and services. The Domino platform subscription includes all available products and services. Autotrader automated trading, personal Telegram alerts, advanced trading techniques, strategy tester and optimizer, TP Expo extension, investment programmes and many more. The detailed information on the Domino platform.

Terms & Prices: 1 month $249, 1 Year $1,495, Lifetime $3,995VIEW DETAILS.

Forex Investment Programmes

An investment programme is an example of what the Domino Platform is capable of. We have already configured several ready-to-use investment programmes. There are low-risk, balanced and aggressive investment programmes giving from 5% to 30% profit a month. You may adjust various settings including trading instruments, the maximum drawdown per each trade, overall drawdown and many more.

Terms & Prices: 3 months $749, 1 Year $2,495VIEW DETAILS.

Profit Sharing

The profit-sharing subscription allows you to get automated execution of trades with the desired currency pairs, lot sizes, define the maximum risk and pay for the services after you receive profits in your account. The service is offered for accounts over $2,000 or equivalent for MT4 accounts opened with our partner brokers.

Terms & Prices: 50% share for $2k-$5k, 30% share for $5k+VIEW DETAILS.

Guaranteed Pips - Pay for Profits

With the pips garantizados subscription you will be able to use automated execution software with any MT4 / MT5 account and pay for the net profits only. With the minimum profit of $2 per 1 pip, you will certainly know how much profit you shall expect from trading. No trades, a loss period? No problem - your subscription remains active until you receive the net profits in your account or accounts. Why pay for trading signals? Pay for profits directly on your trade account. Buy pips garantizados and use automated execution until you make the net profits. The subscription expires only when you make net profits.

Terms & Prices: from $189 for 200 pips to $1,495 for 2,000 pipsVIEW DETAILS.

Metatrader EA Expert Advisors Development

Signalator has been developing EAs for MT4 and MT5 for many years with a highly experienced IT team. We are ready to code any EA based on your requirements. EA may be used for gathering and analysing market data, for autonomous robot trading, account past data analysis and many more.

Terms & Prices: from $495 per developmentVIEW DETAILS.

White-Label and Signals Provider Suite

If you provide forex signals or thinking about opening a forex-signals website, if you require automated execution of your trades or your clients' trades, if you require back office with a customer support, trading analysis, website creation, trading platforms hosting and many more - The White-Label Forex Signals Provider Suite is just the best option you may require.

We will take care of everything you require (from providing custom-built signals to supporting your clients). Easily scalable solutions from 100 to 10,000 clients served a month.

Terms & Prices: from $1,000 a monthVIEW DETAILS.

Offer Your Price or Request a Custom Product or Service

Signalator has always been a client-oriented company offering an outstanding level of customer support. Special offers and discounted prices are very popular among existing and new customers. However, these offers are limited in time and offer only a very limited range of services. Now, you have an opportunity to get the desired Signalator services at your price with the options you only require.

Depending on your requirements, trading conditions, deposit allowance and many other factors you may not need some of the offered delivery options, you may want to trade only with a part of a signals set, etc. Use the following guide to find on how to get what you need and for a reduced subscription price.

Please contact us to offer your price or request a tailored product / service configuration. Consider what do you need exactly and offer us your reasonable price. We may either accept it and offer our services at your offered price, make a different offer or reject it. Discover guidance with tips on how to reduce the subscription cost and increase your satisfaction with Signalator services.