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Signalator Benefits

Signalator has been a forex trading signals provider and trading software developer for many years. We offer free and paid forex signals, signals for gold, autotrader automated trading and execution software, Telegram and Whatsapp messaging, EA expert advisors, investment programmes and many more. The most significant and strong sides of our products and services are described below. The overall information with links to the detailed pages are displayed.

Autotrader Automated Trading

All available trading signals may be executed automatically directly on your trading account. Automated trading is available for any metatrader account (MT4 / MT5) with any forex broker. Autotrader can be used with or without Signalator signals. You may use it to execute your own trades. By the time you receive an alert via Whatsapp / Telegram / Email a trade will already be opened / closed / executed. None of your execution involvement is required. Continue your everyday activity whilst your trading account's balance grows 24*7. Autotrader Automated Trading Details.

Free Forex and Gold Signals

All Domino and Storm signals are provided for free via Signalator Telegram Channel. Energy signals are paid signals as are offered within the Domino Platform software only. You may follow profitable signals for free for an unlimited period. No payments, and no fees. Signals are sent instantly without any delays. The full list of free signals is available here. Signalator Free Telegram Channel

Free Windows Hosting for Trading Platforms

To have trades executed automatically, a trading platform of your broker must be running during the trading hours, otherwise trades won't be physically executed. We offer the free VPS - the server for your trading platforms. We will install and look after your trading platform. Free with any Signalator Subscription. Free and Paid Windows Hosting Details

Guaranteed Pips - Pay for Profits

Why pay for trading signals? Pay for profits directly on your trade account. Buy pips garantizados and use automated execution until you make the net profits. Subscription expires only when you make net profits. Read more about the pips garantizados

Investment Programmes

Domino Platform is a unique software allowing to combine any available signals and generate additional income. We have configured several systems with low-risk, gold-free, aggressive settings, etc. Use the Domino Platform Software with one of these settings or configure your settings to benefit the most from the forex market. Available Forex Investment Programmes

Advanced Lot Sizing

Trading with various lot sizing may either increase profits and lower risks or vice versa increase losses and lower profits. Depending on the trading strategy you use in your trading or following, you may need to change the type of the trading lot. Signalator offers fixed, flexible, risk and advanced lot sizing options. Available Trading Lot Sizes

Risk Management

Money and risk management is the key to profitable trading. Even a profitable trading system without proper money management may turn profits into losses. Signalator offers custom and ready-to-follow money management and the recommended deposit levels. The Risk Management Page.

Suitable for Low-Leverage and US Accounts

Most EU, UK, US, Australia -based brokers offer only 1:30 leverage as max for a retail trader. It means you can't open more trades with more lots. Signalator never utilizes the full available leverage. Even if your account is offered with 1:30 leverage, you may still benefit from the forex trading. Moreover, trading software may be adapted to US accounts not allowing to trade gold.

Wide Range of Traded Instruments

Signalator offers signals for ORO, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDCAD, GBPJPY and other currency pairs. Trading with various currency pairs diversifies risks and increases potential profits. More currency pairs and instruments are added to the trading portfolio on a regular basis. All Available Currency Pairs

Automated and Detailed Verified Results

All trading results are automatically published on our website as soon as they happen. We offer live trading results for both profit and loss periods. We disclose the full information on all executed trades including every-trade reports, monthly and yearly results. Each signal (trading strategy) is provided with a detailed page and results. The most popular signals and strategies are provided with 3rd-party verified results. Check the Overal Results Page

Signalator FX Book and Help Pages

Help pages, forex trading questions and answers, signals examples, trading guides and many more are available within the Signalator FX Book section. How to properly set a gold lot size, what is a pip and many other questions answered. You will find answers to many forex-related questions. Signalator FX Book and Help Pages

Affiliate Programme

Signalator offers various affiliate programmes for mutually beneficial relations. Whether you are an experienced marketer, a white-label service or anyone who may generate leads - we are happy to cooperate and share our profits with you. Check the Affiliated Programme Details

White-Label and Signals Provider Suite

Are you providing signals already and seeking automated execution of your trades, require customer support or looking for backoffice software? Or you are planning to begin a forex signals provider business? Check the Signalator b2b services. Signalator B2B Services