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Signalator Features of Subscription

When you subscribe to any Signalator subscription, you may choose subscription features from a number of available options. Subscription features are not connected with the signals and are mainly available for your convenience and ease of use. Some features are available for free and / or are already included with the subscription options, whilst the others may be purchased separately as subscription add-ons. Further, you will find the list of these options with the descriptions, requirements and prices.

Currently Available Features

Further, you will find the list of all features available to use with any paid subscription. A

Email alerts to your email address

Email alerts are notifications containing all the details for each signal. Notifications are sent instantly in your personal account language to your email. Please note: an email may not be delivered or may be delivered with a delay. Signalator may not in any manner control or guarantee the delivery of emails. Within your personal details, you have a separate email address for alerts delivery (could be the same or different from your account email). This is the reason why you can't rely your trading on Email alerts only.

Price: FREE with any subscription; Requirements: any valid email account.

SMS to your mobile / smartphone

SMS are instantly sent messages including the comprehensive signal details. SMS are sent instantly in your personal account language to your email. Please note: an SMS may not be delivered on time or not delivered at all. Signalator may not in any manner control or guarantee the delivery of SMS. Define your SMS delivery within your personal details. Most countries in the world are accepted. This is the reason why you can't rely your trading on SMS only.

Price: $0.1 per SMS ; Requirements: any mobile / smartphone with a number

Automated trading for Metatrader account

Automated trading (AT on the subscription pages) is available for free with any paid subscription and works with any metatrader broker account. Suitable for MT4 or MT5 accounts and is provided as an Expert Advisor (EA). Automates execution of signals directly on your account. The most efficient way to execute trades. The success rate is about 99%. Signalator controls the process of trades execution. Read in more details.

Price: FREE with any subscription; Requirements: any metatrader account (MT4 / MT5), real or demo.

VPS - trading platform server

Non-managed VPS is a server used for the installation of the trading platform. To have all trades executed automatically, a trading platform must run and must be connected to the internet. In most cases, any PC is not suitable for these purposes for a number of reasons (power, internet shortage, etc). When a platform runs on a VPS it runs 24/7 and it is always connected to the internet. So you have everything working properly. Unmanaged VPS requires your trade account details for Signalator traders to install everything on our server.

Price: FREE for orders over $100 or $25 / month Requirements: any metatrader trading platform.

Trading platform installation

Trading platform installation (PI on the subscription pages) is an installation of a trading platform on the Signalator VPS or on your PC / VPS via TeamViewer or by other means of connection. Signalator IT staff will install everything, configure the automated trading and makes sure everything works properly. Installation includes the installation of a trading platform, downloading of an autotrader and its configuring on VPS / PC. This option is required if you use the VPS service.

Price: FREE Requirements: any trading platform.

VPS Plus

VPS+ Plus is an option which includes the unmanaged VPS and all its benefits, the platform installation option + the Signalator IT control of a platform stable working + managed VPS with personal client access.

Platform installation

We will install your trading platform on the Signalator server, set up all required autotraders and make sure everything is working properly.

Signalator IT control

No one can guarantee a software will work without any problems and errors. The server may go down, a trading platform may be stuck at any time. Anything may happen. With an unmanaged VPS, we only control the work of the Signalator VPS and provide you with the server resources. In case your platform is not working, it may take some time until we notice it during the server maintenance. With the VPS Plus option, we will be monitoring your account after each trade and make sure everything works and works without any delays, problems, etc.

Managed VPS feature

To install your trading platform on a non-managed VPS, we will require your personal details (account number and password). In case you do not want to share your password, personal details for any reason, we will create a personal login to our server. You will be able to log on the server and enter your personal details directly on a trading platform. All personal details will be unknown.

Price: $55 paid monthly; Requirements: any trading platform.

Extended Subscription

Extended subscription (EX on the subscription pages) is an option offering trading on the three different trading accounts within one subscription. By default, each subscription is connected only with one trading account. If you try to use two accounts simultaneously, you will have only one working properly. Taking into consideration the fact that most customers have several trading accounts, it would be not fair to charge a full cost of a subscription for each traded account.

Price: 50% of a subscription cost (paid monthly); Requirements: any paid and valid subscription.