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GBPJPY Sinal de negociação forex

2020 Lucro total 2 pips
2020 0 pips
2020 Drawdown -164 pips

GBPJPY is a basic signal with very high monthly win ratio. Huge Take Profit level of 140 pips with moderate Stop Loss levels of 41-47 pis. Net risk reward ratio is about 3. Moderate monthly results come with low drawdown and low deposit requirements (hence higher relative profits). Signals are delivered via SMS and Email alerts. For your convenience all signals may be fully automated with any metatrader broker account.

The GBPJPY is the GBP / JPY currency pair fx signal.
This signal is best suitable for medium- and long-term traders and money managers. Signal provides quite a long investment period with good reward ratio. It is not recommended for a day-to-day forex traders. Alerts are sent via EMail and SMS. 100% instant automated trades execution. Personal page alerts publications.

Resultados mensais completos

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516 pips
298 pips
17 pips
-2 pips
829 pips

The sum of all trades made.
Total Profit = Profitable Trades Results + Loss Trades Results.
Higher values are better.
Lucro total : 1,942 pips
(?) Lucro por mês Indicates the average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
27 pips / 0%
(?) Total oper. / mês All trades made and average number of trades a month.
Average Number of Trades a Month = Total Trades / Total Months .
160 / 2 negócios
(?) Rácio de ganhos mensaisThe ratio between profitable months and all traded months .
Monthly Win = Profitable Months / Total Months
Higher values are better.
(?) Taxa de ganhosThe ratio between profitable and all trades.
Win Ratio = Profitable Trades / All Trades.
Higher values are better.
(?) Rácio de recompensa de riscoThe ratio between an expected level of TP and an expected level of SL.
Risk Reward Ratio = TP Level / SL Level.
Higher values are better.
(?) DepósitoThe recommended level of deposit to allocate for 0.1 lot trading. If you trade 0.1 lot, on average 1 pip = $1
$ 1750 / 0.1 lote each
(?) Meses negociadosThe total number of months traded.
Months Traded = Total Number of Months (Date End - Date Start)
Basically the longer a signal is traded the more stable it is.
72 meses
Indicates the average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
Lucro por mês : 27 pips
(?) Lucro total recebido The total amount of gains.
Total Gains = Sum of All Profitable Trades Results
4,607 pips
(?) Oper. lucrativas totaisThe total number of profitable trades.
82 negócios
(?) Lucro médioThe average profitable trade value.
Average Profitable Trade = Total Gains / Total Number of Profitable Trades
56 pips
(?) Meses lucrativosThe number of profitable months.
55 meses
(?) Melhor mêsThe most profitable month.
516 pips
(?) TP nívelThe range of a common level of Take Profit (TP) used
(?) TP Número / totalThe number of trades closed by TP and the ratio to all trades.
TP Ratio = TP Trades Number / All Trades
Higher values are better
22 / 14%
The maximum reduction of an equity. Drawdown : -372 pips / -21%
(?) Perda recebidaThe total amount of losses.
Total Losses = Sum of All Loss Trades Results
-2,665 pips
(?) Oper. de perda totalThe total number of loss trades.
78 negócios
(?) Perda médiaThe average loss trade value.
Average Loss Trade = Total Losses / Total Number of Loss Trades
-34 pips
(?) Meses de perdaThe number of loss months.
17 meses
(?) Pior mêsThe worst month
-204 pips
(?) SL nívelThe range of a common level of Stop Loss (SL) used
(?) Rácio de lucro líquidoRepresents a net profit to total gains ratio.
Net Ratio = Net Profit / Total Gains
Higher values are better.

Opções e preços de assinatura

$ 35 Assinatura de 1 mês ADICIONAR AO CARRINHO
$ 125 125 pips garantidos ADICIONAR AO CARRINHO
$ 475 500 pips garantidos ADICIONAR AO CARRINHO