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Which signal type is the best option?

Signalator is a provider of forex signals. We offer a number of various trading signals. Unlike most providers, we offer several types of signals for the same currency pair. That is why it is very important to understand what are the main differences between offered types of signals. Depending on number of factors such as an amount of trading deposit, accepted maximum level of risk, type of investment, etc. you may prefer one type of signals to another.

At present, our company provides the three types of signals: Basic (e.g. EURUSD), XT (e.g. GBPUSD XT) and Plus (e.g. USDJPY Plus). If you are not fully aware of distinctive sides of the offered signals, you may get acquainted with the detailed information on the offered forex signals page prior to continue with this article.

Choose the best for you

To make profits using the Signalator signals, you do not have to choose all available signals by default. As we offer several types of signals, it is recommended to choose the most appropriate type for you.

When you go for a trip, in most cases you do not take a bus, a taxi and a bicycle at the same time. The same applies to a choice of signals you are going to trade with. Use this page to find the signals that suit you best.

Overall signals details

Basic signals: signals with a high number of trades, big drawdown, small SL / TP levels. The best option for starters, novice trades and for traders seeking the highest possible market involvement. If you spend much time trading on the forex and do your own trading, you may use these signals as a complimentary indicator. These signals show least efficient trading in terms of net profit to received profits ratio. Shall only be used as the riskiest type of trading with the lowest money allocation (approximately 20% of a deposit).

XT signals: signals with stable results, efficient level of TP / SL. Moderate number of trades. ECN accounts are recommended. May be used as the only source of income for deposits over $2,000. The widest range of currency pairs. Short and medium investment period. Expect results within 1-2 months. High profits in pips. Signals are recommended as a basis of trading for all types of traders and investors.

Plus signals: the most efficient signals in terms of relative results whilst with absolute results often lower compared to the XT signals. Recommended for long-term investors and traders with average of a three-month period to receive average results. The best option for big accounts ($10,000 and more). ECN accounts only. Lowest drawdown levels and lowest number of trades. The highest winning and efficiency rate.

How to choose the best type of signal?

Trading with several and especially with all types of signals will eventually lead to a situation when you have several trades opened simultaneously (may be the same or opposite direction). Read why it happens here. Please use the following page to find out the most appropriate for your needs type of signals. These are the recommendations based on our experience. However, you are free to choose any type of signals you would like to trade. As the most popular currency pairs are against USD, we will use the USD as a base currency for examples and calculations. You may convert recommended levels of deposits and results into your currency simply by converting using a currency rate.

Find the most appropriate type

Further you will get acquainted with various aspects of the available trading signals. Understanding the difference will help you decide which type is the best for you.

Minimum deposit levels

The very first criterion for choosing a type of signals is an amount of deposit you are ready to trade. The higher deposit you have, the more types of signals you may choose.

Choose by type of signal
Basic: suitable with any amount of deposit (even with a demo account).
XT: a minimum recommended amount is $2,000. Otherwise, you won't make enough profits to cover fees and to make money in the end.
Plus: a minimum of $3,000. You will may need to wait for some time for profits to happen. Subscription price is the highest.
Choose by size of a deposit
Deposit 0 - $1,500 : you shall choose only Basic signals. Max 0.1 lot.
Deposit $1,500 - $3,000: Basic, XT signals with up to 0.2 lots. It is recommended to choose only one type of signals.
Deposit $3,500 - $5,000: Basic, XT, Plus. It is recommended to choose 1-2 types of signals. Up to 0.3 lots. With allocation 75% to the main and 25% to the second type
Deposit $5,000 - $10,000: Basic, XT, Plus with 1-3 types of signals with up to 0.6 lots. Use 1-2-3 lots allocation formula (where 1 - basic, 2 - xt, 3 - plus)
Deposit $10,000+: Basic, XT, Plus. 2-3 types of signals recommended. With various allocation lot sizing and flexible distribution of deposit.
Market involvement

Signals vary considerably in terms of market activity.

Choose by type of signal
Basic: the highest market involvement. Short longevity of trades. If you are looking for a big number of trades, then this is the best option.
XT: reasonably moderate number of trades. Several trades a week. Average longevity is about 6-8 hours.
Plus: trades are made with a highest confidence of a positive result thus quite rare. May be one trade a week.
Choose by trading activity
Intense trading: you shall consider either Basic or XT signals.
Every day involvement: XT is the best option.
Investment trading: Plus signals as the main type and XT as the second complimentary type.
Risk and drawdown

One of the most important characteristics of a trading is a risk acceptance level. Albeit we offer the three types of money management for any type of signal, there are different objectives for each type of signal.

Choose by type of signal
Basic: trading is made regardless possible risks. If there is a chance to make a profit, a trade will be opened.
XT: Moderate risk with floating profit covering.
Plus: trades with highest level of confidence. Lowest risk acceptance. No risky operations.
Choose by maximum risk
300 pips drawdown: if you are ready to risk in order to get more profits, the Basic is the best option.
200 pips drawdown: a combination of good profits with a reasonable level of drawdown.
150 pips drawdown: losses mostly occur for unexpected market movements. The lowest available drawdown.
Investment period

Investment period reflects a period of time required to get an average result. It also shows what is a main time frame for trading and trade decision activities.

Choose by type of signal
Basic: the shortest investment period and smallest time frame (from 5 min). Hourly movements are used as basis.
XT: intra-day trading (4-10 hours). Average profitability is usually reached within 5-6 weeks.
Plus: daily trading with 2-3 months of trading required to reach an average trading result.
Choose by investment period
Fast profits: get profits as fast as possible - Basic.
Several weeks: if your trading horizon allows you to trade several weeks until you make profits, then choose XT signals.
Stable long-term trading: Plus signals are designed for a long investment period (3 months and more).
Which signal type is the best option?

In case you still have some doubts on which type of signals to choose, please have a look at a series of trades made by each type of signal. Choose the trading style which seems to be the most favourable to you. At the bottom of the table you will find the final answer to your question.

Signals "A"
Type Result Equity
Buy 4 4
Buy -1 3
Buy -31 -28
Sell -23 -51
Sell 4 -48
Sell 2 -45
Sell -28 -73
Buy 19 -54
Sell -2 -56
Buy -16 -73
Sell -20 -93
Buy 22 -71
Buy 14 -57
Buy 34 -24
Buy -16 -40
Buy 9 -31
Buy 41 10
Buy 41 51
Buy -26 25
Buy -5 20
Buy 6 26
Buy 41 67
Sell -7 60
Buy 23 83
Signals "B"
Type Result Equity
Sell 35 35
Sell -12 23
Buy -10 13
Buy -2 11
Sell -37 -26
Buy 18 -8
Buy -6 -14
Buy 16 2
Sell 4 5
Buy -35 -30
Buy 40 10
Buy 33 43
Buy 18 61
Buy 5 67
Buy 39 105
Buy -10 95
Sell -18 78
Sell 35 113
Signals "C"
Type Result Equity
Buy 5 5
Buy 33 38
Sell -14 24
Sell 10 35
Buy -2 33
Sell -11 22
Buy -43 -21
Buy 45 45
Sell -21 24
Buy 40 64
Buy 45 109

On the left had side you see three series of trades made for EURUSD currency pair within a two-month period. You will see three columns for each series: Type (buy or sell), Result (trade result) and Equity (cumulative result). Columns are coded as "A", "B" and "C".

Most likely you already know how these series correspond to available types of signals. At the bottom of trade results tables you will find an overall trading details.

Net profit 83 pips


Total trades 24
Win ratio 54%
Net ratio 32%
Deposit $1050 / 0.1 lot
Profit in % 8%
Type Basic (A)
Net profit 113 pips


Total trades 18
Win ratio 56%
Net ratio 46%
Deposit $800 / 0.1 lot
Profit in % 14%
Type XT (B)
Net profit 109 pips


Total trades 11
Win ratio 55%
Net ratio 64%
Deposit $550 / 0.1 lot
Profit in % 20%
Type Plus (C)


As you may clearly see, the XT (Signals B) group made more profits in terms of pips. Win ratio (profitable trades / all trades) is also slightly higher than for the Plus signals. Whereas Basic (Signals "A") made more trades than any other group of signals. Net ratio (net profit / total profits received) is twice as much for Plus (Signals "C") compared to Basic signals and 1.5 times higher compared to XT signals.

The absolute results (results in pips) are more or less the same for all groups (83 / 113 / 109). At the same time, relative results in percentage to initial deposit vary significantly: 20% for Plus, 14% for XT and 8% for Basic signals. Recommended deposit levels are very different ($1050 for Basic, $800 for XT and $550 for Plus if trading 0.1 lot each). These levels are derived from expected levels of maximum equity reduction (drawdown) and underlying trading concepts.

Questions and Answers
Q. Why do you offer several types of signals?
A. Various types of signals meet different demands. Providing several types of signals allow us to diversify market risks, remain profitable under different market conditions, meet requirements for completely different customers' needs.
Q. What is the best distribution rate between types of signals?
A. If you are trading two types of signals, it is recommended to use 60% of deposit for the main one and the rest for the second type. In case you are going to trade all three types of signals, choose either 1-1-1 for the total diversification of trading, 2-3-5 ratio for balanced trading or 1-2-3 for high efficiency trading (basic - xt - plus).
Q. What is the best option for newcomers and novice traders?
A. If you are new to forex, then the best option is to use the Basic signals.
Q. Does it mean Basic signals are bad and Plus signals are good?
A. All signals we provide are good and profitable from a long-term perspective. However, each type of signals has its own advantageous and strong sides.
Q. Is it a good idea to combine signals from different types?
A. It may be a very good idea indeed. And many traders actually follow this idea. In some cases a signal may behave in a much better way than expected it to be. Various market conditions may lead to situation when Basic signals are the most profitable and efficient for one currency pair whilst XT and Plus are best for other pairs. Situation when EURUSD, GBPUSD XT, AUDUSD Plus is the best option to trade is not as rare as you may imagine it is.
Q. Do I have to trade all types of signals to have profits on my account?
A. No. You may trade with any type of signals to make good profits on your account. To diversify risks and to increase efficiency of trading, it is recommended to use all types of signals with a various distribution of lots.