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Signalator Decision Support System

Decision Support System

Signalator Decision Support System (DSS) analyses the current market conditions and closes a trade when the price comes closer than X pips to a TP level.

There are currency pairs with big and small spread values. Quite often the price comes very close to the TP level and then reverses leaving you without a profit or even with a loss.

Every broker provides its spread settings. For this reason, a position may get closed on one account and not on the other. Decision Support System will help you minimize such discrepancies and make profits with any broker.

What Can The DSS Do For Me?

Most operations on the Forex Market come with a spread. That means there is always a chance a trade won't be closed by TP if the price bounces back from the extreme level. DSS will close a trade once the price is close enough to a TP level, thus ensuring your profits.

The following statements represent the situation when the same trade (20158831 and 883419236) was not closed by TP for Broker 1 and was closed with a TP for Broker 2. Moreover, after it touched the Bid price it went straight to SL level hitting a 54 pips loss instead of a 25 pips profit. The difference is 79 pips for 1 single trade.



Signalator domino money management software

Signalator domino money management software

Signalator domino money management software

Why It Happens?

When you trade, there are always two prices provided by a forex broker: Bid and Ask. You sell at a Bid price and close at an Ask price. The difference between these prices is a spread. This is the spread that is responsible for not executing TP sometimes (even if the price goes below TP) or hitting SL (even if the price was just below your SL level).

The sell (Short) position is closed at the Ask price. It means the second price must fall below the TP level for TP to be triggered. For a Buy (Long) trade the situation is the opposite. To trigger a TP level, the Bid price must rise above the TP level.

If a spread is big enough, the number of trades not closed by a TP will be higher. DSS automatically closes the trade when such a situation occurs.

Signalator domino money management software

Installations and Prices

Decision Support System is offered as a part of the Signalator Autotrader program. To use this extension, get the subscription or buy the programm and configure the DSS to work it the way you need.