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DOMINO PLATFORM Signalator Autotrader - Automated Trading

Signalator Domino Autotrader is the program that offers automated execution of trades, signals and strategies including all Signalator signals. It will calculate the required lot sizing depending on your trading settings and requirements. Your involvement is not required once autotrader is installed and set up. There are four available lot sizing options (click to read more about lot sizing).

Autotrader works with any Metatrader account (MT4 & MT5), with any broker and any account type (both live and demo). Autotrader will be opening, closing, updating your trades 24*7 directly in your trading account. Autotrader is offered with a free Windows VPS installation.

Autotrader Automated Trading Benefits and Features

Autotrader is a program for automated execution of signals (automated trading or copy trading). It takes trade details, calculates the required size of lots based on your configuration settings and automatically places the trades. With the Autotrader subscription / license you will be able to execute automatically all Signalator signals.

It takes a fraction of second to execute a trade based on the chosen settings. It works for you 24*7 whatever you do, wherever you are. Autotrader has already executed hundreds of thousands of trades for thousands of clients.

Autotrader works both with the market and pending orders. In market trading mode it will place buy / sell open trades, place TP / SL levels, update SL / TP levels based and closes a trade upon receiving the corresponding alerts. In pending trading mode it will place Buy Limit order, Sell Limit order, Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders.


Manage Own Trades

If you trade on your own, you may the software to execute trades on your account(s) with automatic lot sizing. Should you have more than one account, you do not need to switch between accounts to make trades. Put trade details in your personal page and all trades will be taken automatically in all your accounts instantly with the lot type and settings you configured for each account.

Decision Support System

Decision Support System monitors all your open positions and if price comes close enough to a position TP level, it will try to close the trade automatically. The minimum gap is configured within the DSS settings. The market is very volatile and you may miss the moment of a trend reversal near your TP levels. DSS will try to close the position even if the TP is not hit (e.g. 1 pip or within a spread). Read more about the DSS extension.

Price and Position Alerts

Get Position Alerts
Receive Whatsapp / Telegram alerts when a new position is opened, updated or closed.

Set Up Price Alerts
Receive Whatsapp / Telegram alerts when the price reaches close to TP / SL levels or any other levels.

Live Results
All trades and results can be automatically sent to your page with the Signalator website for further analysis.

Installations and Prices

Signalator Autotrader works with any MT4 / 5 account (real or demo). It has to be installed on a Windows device connected to the internet (PC or Windows Server). Signalator offers free Windows Server installation with the Autotrader subscription.

If you would like to install the Autotrader yourself, please check the Autotrader installation instruction.

Autotrader comes as a part of any Signalator subscription. It includes a VPS server for a trading platform hosting, platform and EA installation, automated execution.

Questions and Answers

Can I have Signalator signals executed automatically?
Signalator Autotrader offers automated execution of signals on MT4 / 5 including all Signalator Signals. Get the Autotrader license and you will be able to attach any desired signals to your Autotrader dashboard.
Do I need to have my PC working 24/7?
The trading platform is required to be running during the trading hours (Monday 5:00 - Friday 20:00) GMT London time. You may use your PC, your VPS or Signalator free Windows Server.
Can I use the Signalator autotrader on a demo account?
Yes, you can use Signalator Autotrader with both a real and a demo account.
How many accounts I can connect to the Autotrader?
One license includes three MT4 / 5 metatrader accounts (live or demo). If you need more accounts, you may get an additional subscription with a reduced price.