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Pay for profits pips garantis forex signals

Pay For Profits Guaranteed Pips

Unlike a period subscription (monthly, yearly) the Pay for Profits Guaranteed Pips subscription is limited by profits rather than by period of trading.

Choose one of two pips counting options and trade automatically with any available Domino and Storm signals. If your account size is small, you choose a fixed $2.5 USD profit per 1 pip or if you can open 0.4, 0.7, etc. lots, then you use a plain pips counting system.

The subscription remains valid while your balance of pips is more than zero. Every time we make a profit, the remaining balance of pips is reduced. On the contrary, every losing trade increases the remaining balance of pips.

How Does The Guaranteed Pips Subscription Work?

The Guaranteed Pips is a Pay For Profits subscription. Your subscription will only expire when you make the net profits in your account. You pay for the real profits, not a period of use.

Every closed trade has a value in pips (1 pip as 0.0001 movement for XXX/USD currency pairs and similar pairs, 0.01 movement for XXX/JPY pairs and similar and 0.1 movement for XAU/USD pair). The value of a pip depends on a currency pair you trade and the amount of lots you open. Check the FX Book article on the value of a pip here.

Guaranteed pips do not expire. You may suspend trading at any time and resume trading later. If there are no trades for the chosen currency pairs, the pips balance will remain inactive. All calculations are based on your account results and consider spread, slippage and execution of trades. If for some reason, a trade was not executed, it won't be used in pips balance calculation.

The initial balance is 500 pips
Every profit reduces the balance and every loss increases it.
Trade 1 23 pips 477 pips
Trade 2 17 pips 460 pips
Trade 3 -55 pips 515 pips
Trade 4 -13 pips 528 pips
Trade 5 64 pips 464 pips
Trade 6 1 pips 463 pips


How Much Money I Will Make?

The subscription is offered with the two pips counting options: $2.5 USD per pip and Plain Pips. Before we begin counting the pips, you need to choose the type of pips counting. Explanations and examples are available below.

$2.5 USD per pip.

This option is preferrable for small accounts with lots opening lower than 0.2. Regaradless of a number of lots you trade with, we will count 1 pip as $2.5 USD profit in your account. Example 1. You begin with a $1,000 deposit. You make a $250 profit in your account. With this type of calculation you will use $250 / $2.5 = 100 pips.

Plain Pips Calculation

If your deposit is big enough and you may open more than 0.3 lots, it is more reasonable to use this type of calculation. We will count 1 pip regardless of how many lots you open and hence how much profit you receive. If you open 1.0 lot and make $10 a pip or if you open 3.5 lots making $35, we will count pips based on a trade result, e.g. a profit of 13 pips for the EURUSD pair is a move from 1.2345 to 1.2358. If you trade 0.1 lot, you will make only $13, if you open 0.5 lots, you will make $65 and so on.

Subscription and Prices

The pips garantis are available on a subscription prepaid basis. Buy as many pips garantis as you like, choose the desired signals and pips counting option. We will then activate the subscription and automatic execution of trades.

Questions et réponses

How do you guarantee my profits?
Signalator does not guarantee your profits in any way. We guarantee you will be using our services until you make net profits on your trading account.
Why the subscription is called the guaranteed subscription?
The subscription expiration is based on your trading account performance. It will expire only when you make net real profits in your trading account.
When do I have to pay fees? Before or after I make profits?
All subscription plans offered including the pips garantis subscription are prepaid. It means, you pay first and then use Signalator services.
What if I receive only losses?
Virtually it is almost impossible. However, if this is the case the pips left amount will be increasing respectively. We have been trading many years and in the end, made profits to our clients even with consecutive months of losses.
How much money do I need to trade with pips garantis subscription?
The minimum required deposit is $500 or equivalent. However, it is recommended to have at least $2,000-3,000.