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Tarifs et Abonnements Signalator

Signalator offers various subscription plans and periods of subscription from 1 month to a life-time one-time subscription. Subscriptions with automated execution are offered for 3 accounts. Discover all available subscription options here. Choose the most suitable subscription option and add it to the cart by clicking on the price.

3-Year Subscription
subscription includes: MT4 / MT5 Autotrader (automated execution) up to 3 accounts, free Windows VPS, platform installations, Telegram personal alerts
200 pips
750 pips

We accept the most popular payment options including any Crypto payments (USDt, BTC), local and international bank wire payments in EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, PayPal. To make a payment, please contact us. All payments are processed manually.

All Signalator signals are provided for free via the Telegram channel. The paid subscriptions include only software products.

Questions and Answers

I want to trade only several signals within a signals set. Is there a discount?
The subscriptions are offered for the trades execution software and not for the signals. To execute Domino signals you will need to get a Domino Set Autotrader, to execute Storm signals you will need a Storm Set Autotrader subscription or you can get a Domino Platform subscription to be able to execute any trades.
For how many accounts I can connect to automated execution?
Subscriptions with Domino Autotrader or Domino Platform are offered up to 3 personal accounts.
I'm not happy with trading results. I want a refund. How do I do that?
Signalator subscriptions for Domino Set, Storm Set, Domino Autotrader, Domino Platform, Guaranteed pips are offered as a software product and do not include any signals, investment advice or trading recommendations. Signalator does not sell any trading signals or trading recommendations. As to the EU rules, the downloaded software cannot be returned or refunded.