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Forex Signals For Gold and Gold EA Robots

Gold (XAU / USD) is the most popular and the most traded commodity on the forex spot market. Signalator offers various approaches for Gold trading. Currently, we do offer four different trading signals for Gold. You may subscribe to any of them or to any combination of these signals depending on your requirements. The overall description of signals is available in the table below. By clicking on the desired signal you may check the detailed results page with comprehensive information for the signal.

The gold currency pair is very volatile. It may move up to 500-600 pips a day. This is the reason why we use SL levels up to 250 pips for some signals - it ensures are not closed out by sharp movements. Such big volatility allows trading with a long-term trend trading with TP levels up to 600 pips per trade.

You may subscribe to signals with a period-based subscription (1-24 months), use your guaranteed pips or buy an Expert Advisor (EA) and use it as long you need it.

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The Detailed Information On Available Signals

Gold trend trading.
The only trend trading signal is the Gold EA Robot signal with a very low number of trades a month (1-4) trades, very big TP levels (150-600 pips) and medium to high monthly profit level. Low DD level. As this signal is a long-term signal, the minimum period for a subscription is three months. This signal is best suited for accounts with at least $3000 on the deposit or more.

Gold counter-trend with small SL / TP levels.
The signal with the highest number of trades is the Forex Signal for Gold with up to 45 trades a month. It offers the smallest SL levels (40-125 pips per trade). Medium DD level and monthly profit. The best signal for accounts with small deposits ($1,000 or less). The signal is available for free on the EA Gold Signals Telegram channel.

Gold counter-trend with the highest efficiency.
The most efficient counter-trend signal is EA Gold with 10-15 trades a month, medium SL levels (50-200 pips), medium monthly profit and small DD level. The best for accounts starting from $2,500 or equivalent.

The most profitable Gold counter-trend.
The most profitable counter-trend signal with a high number of trades (up to 30-35), very high SL levels (75-260 pips per trade), high volatility with high DD level is Gold EA MT4 Trading. This signal works best on a daily jigsaw market (up and down within a day) and struggles during sharp daily trends. It is recommended to use this signal to maximize profits for accounts over $3,500. The signal is available for free on the EA Gold Signals Telegram channel.

Title (View results) Profit a month Trades / Month Deposit Drawdown
Long-term trend signal with very high TP level and a low number of trades a month. Low drawdown.
GOLD TREND 402 pips 2 trades $1600 -68 pips
High-profit counter-trend trading with big SL and TP levels, high drawdown.
GOLD EA MT4 310 pips 45 trades $1800 -684 pips
High volume trading with up to 45 trades a month, small TP and SL levels. Medium drawdown.
GOLD 83 pips 8 trades $1200 -264 pips
High-efficiency counter-trend signal with medium TP and SL levels with 10-15 trades a month. Low drawdown.
EA GOLD 43 pips 8 trades $1600 -319 pips

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between EA Software and Automated execution?
Signalator signals offered with automated execution are generated by human professional traders. Automation is used to execute trades placed by our traders in your account. Whereas EA robot makes trades based on programmed rules without any human interference. However, all EAs are being constantly revised and updated.
Is it a one-time payment or a subscription-based?
There are three possible subscription options: a monthly subscription, the guaranteed pips subscription or a one-time payment with free one year upgrades. Click here to subscribe.
Can I use it on several accounts?
The EA can be used on as many accounts as required. However, each additional account requires an extended license.
Is it possible to install it on a demo account?
Yes. EA robots work with any type of account (MT4 and MT5). Both Live and Demo accounts. There are no limitations.