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What is the minimum required deposit?
What is a pip and what is its value?
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What is the minimum required deposit?

Signalator is an independent company. We are not affiliated with any broker and we do not get any benefits from any brokers. That is why we have no levels of required deposit. There is absolutely no requirement or a minimum deposit balance to trade with the Signalator signals.

However, depending on your trading expectations you may consider the following information as a basis for your deposit size.

Minimum recommended deposit.

Your trade deposit is used to open trades. As any trading is impossible without losses, you will definitely face some. Moreover, most traders use quite a big level of leverage, meaning you may risk quite a significant amount of your deposit per each trade. The minimum recommended deposit to trade 0.1 lot is $500 or equivalent. Otherwise, you will simply lose your deposit at some stage. If you trade 1.0 lot, then it is recommended to have at least $5,000 and if you trade 0.01 lot, you may have as low as $50.

Recommended deposit amount.

If you would like to make real profits and to pay fees for Signalator, you will need a big enough deposit to generate enough profits over a period of time. The best deposit to trade is about $5,000 or equivalent. With such a deposit, you may easily open enough number of lots and signals to make good profits.

Please use the recommended deposit page and the investment calculator page to read more about recommended deposits.

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