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Signalator Profitable Forex Signals

Signalator provides profitable forex signals suitable for all kinds of forex traders. All trades always include stop loss and take profits levels. Signals are easy to use and to understand. Click here to check the examples and the delivery options. All trades can be executed automatically with the Domino Autotrader.

Trading on any market always involves risks and trading on the forex market is not an exception. Such speculative trading as forex trading is considered to be a high-risk activity. Much attention in Signalator is devoted to risk and money management techniques. Risk assessment is one of the key factors in successful trading.

Various approaches to trading that differ by fundamental principles of trading, levels of TP and SL, traders interventions and many more. Check below for more details.

Unlimited forex trading with all kind of trading signals for most currency pairs and instruments.
Mostly intra-day trading with counter-trend signals, small TP levels, high number of trades. The most popular currency pairs including Gold and EURUSD.

Energy Signals

Energy signals include all Signalator signals provided gold , eurusd , gbpjpy , usdcad a , gold b , audusd , cadjpy , eurusd a , gold a , usdcad , usdchf , usdcad b . You may trade all pairs together or choose only the desired signals and pairs.

The overall and detailed information for the Energy signals is available here. Unlock the full power of the forex trading and benefit from a variety of signals and trading approaches.

Domino Signals Set

Domino signals set includes various signals and currency pairs eurusd , usdcad , gbpjpy , cadjpy , usdchf , gold . You may trade all pairs together or choose only the desired signals and pairs.

The detailed Domino Set results page is available here. Trading with several pairs together lowers overall risks and increases profits.

Domino Forex Signals

Further, you will find the descriptions and overall monthly results for signals included within the Domino signals set. Click on the desired signal to view its results.

Forex Signals Comparison Table

All currently available signals may be found below. An average monthly profit and an average number of trades a month are displayed.

Gain Performance* - profit quality indicator characterizing the gains received by the strategy, specifically how efficiently and how much profit was generated by the strategy. This is a measure of the strategy's ability to generate a certain amount of profit in terms of volume, trades and drawdown. This is the pure energy of the money you put in strategy. Gain performance calculation includes various indicators such as Win Rate, Efficiency of Trading, Maximum Drawdown. The higher value, the better.

Questions and Answers

Can I trade all signals together?
You are free to choose which signals to use and which signals to follow. All signals are provided for informational purposes.
Is it possible to have all signals executed automatically?
Signalator offers the Domino Autotrader to execute trades automatically on any metatrader (MT4 and MT5) real or demo account.