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Signalator forex signals provider - make money not trades 26 April 2017

Signalator Help Files Knowledge Base

Signalator offers a number of products and services. To find out the detailed information please use the following Help Files and Knowledge Base. This website section includes a big number of articles devoted to various sides of Signalator: forex trading signals, managed account, PHP software, saving services. All information is available in the way of articles with examples, explanations and descriptions. There are the three levels of files: Categories (Help category), Sub-Categories (SubCategory Help) and Articles (Help article). The Help Files Base is not complete and help articles are being added all the time.

Please use this knowledge base prior to contacting Signalator support (this may save your time and provide you the detailed instant explanation). Please get acquainted with the Problems and How to ... ? sections to find out the most popular questions.

You will find articles grouped by Categories and Sub-Categories. If you can't find an answer or you have faced a problem not listed here, please use the Ask a question page to submit your question. If there is no such an article, we will add it to the data base. Registered Signalator users may rate and comment articles. Each article is available with a number of views, an average user rating and a date it was added. The top menu represents the available categories. If you would like to return to the Signalator main page, you may use the bottom menu, the Signalator Home link (at the top of any page).

The most popular articles
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Help article How to activate Email / SMS alerts Views: 224How to? | Signals and Delivery
Help article Do you use market or pending orders Views: 218Signals | Trading Signals
The most recent articles
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