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Signalator provides forex signals services with a 40% discount or a 100% bonus to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. While at home without a job, make money for yourself and your family. Get all the benefits the forex may offer under these difficult conditions.
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Signalator Expert Advisors

The Expert Advisor (EA) forex trading software is algorithmic trading (algo, robot) available for a subscription or as a standalone software installed directly on your MT4 / MT5 (metatrader) platform. EAs are developed, monitored and constantly revised by Signalator traders. We use a number of trading indicators (overbought / oversold levels, trend strength) to open / close trades.

You may use your guaranteed pips subscription with the signals generated by EAs, you may subscribe on a monthly basis or you may buy the EA and use it as long as you like. Detailed pages for each of the EA include the free signals section with the live signal. You may check alerts directly on the website without registration.

The trading results are available below. EAs are available for the most profitable currency pairs, the most popular commodities (Gold and OIL) and for CFD Indicies. Upon your request, the Signalator IT team may develop a trading robot fitting your needs.

Works 24*7 the maximum possible market coverage
Pay once You may buy the robot and use it as long as you want
High profits EAs are available for profitable currencies and commodities


Details and Options

What is an EA? Expert advisor is a trading robot (algorithmic trading software) with a combination of rules for opening and closing of trades. EA uses simple and efficient trading indicators to analyse the market on a 15-minute chart. It uses stop loss and take profit levels to limit risks and to increase profits. The lot size is defined by you and can be set in % of the deposit, in fixed lots or in variable flexible lot settings. EA is suitable for any metatrader account type and trading platform (Demo, real, MT4, MT5, any account currency).

It is the best option for all kinds of traders. From small retail traders with the small accounts ($500-$3000) and up to institutional investors with $1M accounts. Ideal for traders willing to have many trades on the account. The EA is licensed for each trading account (additional accounts are subject to additional charges).

Title (View results) Profit a month Trades / Month Deposit Drawdown Price (click to subscribe)
EA GBPJPY 171 pips 44 trades $1400 -602 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
EA GOLD 129 pips 107 trades $3000 -1158 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
EA GBPAUD 116 pips 60 trades $1500 -293 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
EA EURUSD 111 pips 29 trades $1300 -347 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
EA GBPCHF 69 pips 54 trades $1500 -494 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
EA GBPUSD 9 pips 36 trades $2000 -1135 pips $35 a month or buy EA robot for $950
Signalator EA 436 pips 231 trades $3600 -1495 pips $145 a month or buy EA robot for $3500

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between EA Software and Automated execution?
Signalator signals offered with automated execution are generated by human professional traders. Automation is used to execute trades placed by our traders in your account. Whereas EA robot makes trades based on programmed rules without any human interference. However, all EAs are being constantly revised and updated.
Is it a one-time payment or a subscription-based?
There are three possible subscription options: a monthly subscription, the guaranteed pips subscription or a one-time payment with free one year upgrades. Click here to subscribe.
Can I use it on several accounts?
The EA can be used on as many accounts as required. However, each additional account requires an extended license.
Is it possible to install it on a demo account?
Yes. EA robots work with any type of account (MT4 and MT5). Both Live and Demo accounts. There are no limitations.