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Please get acquainted with the Signalator testimonials (clients reviews and comments about Signalator). All of the published testimonials have been published by Signalator clients. Most of these reviews can be found on 3rd party reviews websites. If you are a registered Signalator customer and you would like to leave a review, please log on to your personal page to do it.

"Amazing client services and solid results, I have been monitoring performance across a couple of years now and I can say it is really impressive. The team is very supportive and professional. Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness"Mohamed soliman :: 26 May 2021
"After less than a month I appreciate the effectiveness of the signals and especially I am delighted to have chosen the signals with guaranteed pips and especially the signals executed by you so automatically for me. Really I resume trading taste that I was about to give up. // translated"PHILIPPE :: 11 Nov 2017
"After exactly 1 year of subscription 02/2016 - 02/2017 in my accounts I have realized about 1400 pips and even if in the past similar result was obtained in only one month I consider it very positive and I think that in the future the results would be much better"Pier :: 26 Feb 2017
"Over the last year or so, Signalator has provided me with consistent returns that most signal providers simply could not replicate to the quality Signalator has demonstrated.
Along with great customer service, Signalator is without a doubt one of the best forex signal provider. No queries were left unanswered.
To sum this all up, great customer service, strong range of product offerings, consistent returns from signals.
Keep up the good work"Brian :: 18 Feb 2017
"Services and forex signals are very good. I have been looking for good forex trading signals on the internet for a long time, and most of the forex signals are losing money. Since I used the signalator forex trading signal, I found I was stable and profitable. And the trading history is very honest. Especially their automated trading software. In addition, their services are very good, I really like."Gourou :: 1 Feb 2017
"Though still very new to Signalator (I subscribed to their Complete Signal package about 2 weeks ago), I must say that I really like the trading style here - selective, no grid/martingale, good risk management, in alignment with the market climate (really appreciate the no trading rule before/during Brexit).
I've been researching/testing signals for the past few months, and I'm so glad that I found Signalator - very honest and professional service, so rare in this industry. "Claire Zhang :: 17 Jul 2016
"I took a year working with them, at this time I could see that it is a serious company, which will cater to all the questions you have and advise you according to your needs change.
I opted for them because they are more transparent about their results, do sweeps typical of Stops and Spreads are realistic, ie almost any broker them you can still get the same results.
Overall it is a good way to rent part of your equity so getting a good diversification. !! "Carlos Femoral :: 30 Jun 2016
"I´ve been using for almost 9 months and I am very satisfied with the results and customer service. Mr. Winter has always answered my messages when requested. This week I have bought my fourth set of 500 guaranteed pips, which indicates profits are real. Keep the good work. Congrats!"Pablo Pastene :: 20 Jun 2016
"I've been trading forex for many years now... or rather I should say "trying" to trade. I've tried learning it myself, I've tried bots, I've tried signal providers... you name it, I've tried it. The biggest challenge is that there are just so many scammers out there. Everyone in the forex industry seems out to rip you off...
Until now. Not only are Signalator profitable, but they are VERY honest. They report results trade by trade, and I've compared my trades against theirs for months, and the reporting is accurate almost to the pip... and when it is 1 pip out, it's usually because I did better than they reported.
I see there are some less than positive reviews. If you joined them during a bad period, well, I guess that was bad luck... but you can't fault their honesty. Since they report trade by trade, this is easy confirm... you can even pay only for positive pips if you want to confirm it safely.... you can see from their past results that overall they have been very profitable. 
Their results are fantastic, and their customer service is as good... no better... than any I've seen in any industry. They've addressed any question I might have within minutes, even on the weekends. I just can't speak highly enough about Signalator!"Dan Leman :: 11 Jun 2016
"I am very satisfied with their plan Signalator and 1000 pips guarantee, especially because they are very honest with your data. The results are expected in this market, they have an acceptable DD and the monthly projection look like going up the account. 100% recommendable. Very important it is follow recommendations on lots to optimize results . The customer service is excellent , Mr. Winter always responds promptly."Juan :: 3 Jun 2016
"Free signals is good. I pay nothing and get good signals!"Kumar :: 7 Mar 2016
"I bought subscription for 1 year for $2,000 in December 2014. I had $20,000 on my account. the first several months were not good . but then i was offered gold signal to try. as i needed profit, i tried on a demo first and made about 150 pips. Since then I trade gold as well. in 2015 i made +1400 pips with 0.4 lots (about 5000 $). however, signals for forex were around zero at best. in december my subscription end and i like to renew only gold but Michael offered me 2 year subscription with new good signals (i used gold as new signal a year ago, i try this option). now i trade only gold and new signals xt (they can not be compared to signals offered before, but they dont remove them, now they call them basic and my signals are XT. I made +350 pips on demo this month)."Juris :: 26 Jan 2016
"I very satisfied with a managed account services. My savings grow and I'm happy. "Francois :: 14 Jun 2015
"I've been using their services for more than 1 year now. Only EUR/USD signal increasing trading lot from 0.5 to 2.0 now. I'm using automated signals as most trading is during US night. Two or three of my friends already subscribed as well. The price is very high. 1 month trading can also be not good. However, in terms of long lasting results, the best option. "Sue :: 12 Nov 2013
"I am very happy with your service"Jon Tan :: 4 Mar 2013
"After years of using different services and loosing money i have finally found a service provider which not only gives consistent profit every month but also the customer service is EXCELLENT. Michael Winter is fab at replying to my emails and a great support. I would recommend this service to everyone and i expect to be a LIFE long member. They have many special offers especially the Xmas signals package."Sam :: 12 Apr 2012
"thank you so much for all your service!"Martin :: 20 Dec 2011
"I have used Signals Forex for more than 6 months now and simply i find their signals service profitable, customer service is prompt and friendly. Their website is very informative with many different signals and options available. Personally i use the autotrader which suits my schedule. Overall I highly recommend their service"Ricky Whatmore :: 16 Dec 2011
"Their x15 + autotrader is great. I bought yearly subscription about couple of months and already made good profits. "David :: 3 Aug 2011
"Guaranteed pips with auto trades = my choice. I know I will receive my net profits within some time."Mike :: 27 Jul 2011
"They are the best.
I'm using autotrader from signals forex on my broker account and it is traded automatically. I have made more than +100% over the past 2 months. "Oleg :: 2 Feb 2011
"I've been using their services for more than 1 year now. Only EUR/USD signal increasing trading lot from 0.5 to 2.0 now. I'm using automated signals as most trading is during US night. Two or three of my friends already subscribed as well. The price is very high. 1 month trading can also be not good. However, in terms of long lasting results, the best option."StewFrank :: 12 Aug 2009
"There is no doubt that this service has a talent for picking winning trades ( Imperial GBP signals)but the trade management leaves a lot to be desired. To have atrade 150 pips up and not move the stop up is very odd to me. The stops appear about right at 80 pips to avoid the daily choppy action. The targets appear very generous and are designed to catch the bigger moves with both closed out winners over 100 pips and nearly reaching 200. I am not so sure about the 4 hourly coverage either having recieved signals days apart rather than hours at this stage. Still the first four trades all shot to 100 pips so little to moan about overall.."Petersurrey :: 1 Dec 2007
"I have been using their signals for several months so far and I’m quite happy with it. It is very attractive to have signals updated at exactly time every 8 hours."Alex Nikulin :: 8 Aug 2007