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Extreme Trading

Average Profit a month
Average profit trade
158 pips
Win ratio
Maximum Drawdown
Trades a month
3 trades a month

Extreme is the true essence of Forex. The Extreme World We Live in Needs Extreme Trading. Extreme trading, Extreme profits, Extreme low risks, Extreme drive. Invest $1,000 today to gain $3,000, $5000, $10,000 and even more within a year.

Extreme uses Signalator decades of knowledge, thousands of hours of analysis and huge trading experience for one single goal - to take risks and make Extreme gains. Very high risk / reward ratio of up to 100:1. We have developed strategies that allow you to make Extreme profits, with high trading efficiency and a small number of trades. Combined with high leverage (from 200:1), Extreme will take you to the next level of forex trading.

Extreme trading is fully compatible with Automated Trading and can be used with any MT4 or MT5 Metatrader account.

Extreme Monthly and Yearly Results

Month / Year
Profit %
DD %
2024 Total
143 %
April 2024
44.0 %
March 2024
73.8 %
February 2024
-1.0 %
January 2024
-1.0 %
2023 Total
460 %
December 2023
41.9 %
November 2023
-1.9 %
October 2023
86.2 %
September 2023
55.0 %
August 2023
82.0 %
July 2023
52.0 %
June 2023
41.0 %
May 2023
43.3 %

Extreme Signal Description and Trading Conditions

Currency Pairs. Extreme primarily uses the Gold currency pair to trade with the addition of high-profit currencies like GBPJPY, GBPUSD and others. The traded pairs may change over time.

Leverage. To trade the Extreme signal your account must have a leverage of 200:1 to or more. If your account is less than that, you won't be able to open the required number of trading lots.

Deposit. The minimum deposit to trade with is $500 or equivalent in any currency. Trading with a lower deposit is not recommended.

Low Risk. Trading involves low risks with a maximum drawdown of up to 20%. On average the DD level is within 1-5% and may occasionally come to 10%. However, under Extreme conditions, it may rise to 20%.

Trading Period. The minimum recommended period for Extreme trading is three months. If you opt for a shorter period you may not get the expected return. The longer you stay with the strategy, the more you benefit. Moreover, your income will grow exponentially (slower in the beginning and more and more after).

Idea! Once you make 500-600% profit or more, withdraw an equivalent of the initially invested amount and either open a second account or simply watch your account soar with zero risk (as you have retained the initial deposit already).

Questions and Answers

How can I subscribe? What are the conditions and prices?
You may subscribe to this signal for $ 195 a month or $950 a year. We accept all Crypto payments and bank wire transfers in most currencies. Please refer to the Subscription and Prices page or contact us for more information.
Is it possible to execute signals and alerts automatically, including Extreme?
Signalator offers free and paid plans with automated execution of signals and trades. Check the Domino Autotrader for more details. If you are interested in free automated MT4 subscription, check this link.
Can I trade on a demo account?
You are free to trade on a demo MT4 / MT5 account any signals and alerts we provide including Extreme