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Signalator Free Automated Trading Subscription

A completely free subscription for profitable automated forex and gold signals making from 5 to 25% a month with variable risk settings. Moreover, receive a 50% deposit bonus* to trade with.

Unlock the power of forex trading by joining Signalator free automated (MT4 and MT5) trading subscription. We will install your trading platform on our dedicated windows server (VPS). No need to leave your PC working. All trades will be executed automatically for you. And it costs nothing at all.

Further, you will find the requirements and conditions to be met in order to be able to get the subscription.

Conditions And Requirements

There are several easy-to-meet conditions to be able to get the free automated MT4 / MT5 subscription. Please check the following requirements and proceed to begin making profits on the forex market. The free subscription is offered for a limited number of currency pairs (trading signals).

A MINIMUM OF $1,500 DEPOSIT : you are required to deposit a minimum of $1,500 or equivalent to your deposit.
To be able to trade you are required to deposit at least $1,500 or more. The more you deposit, the more profit you will receive. In most cases, you will be granted a bonus of up to 50% on the initial deposit. If you deposit $1,500, then you can trade with $1,500 + $500 = $2,000. In some cases, the bonus is not offered.
OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ON OF OUR PARTNER BROKERS : you will need to open an account with one of our partner brokers.
The subscription is offered for new accounts with top world forex brokers. We are working only with the best brokers providing excellent trading conditions and reliable service. Clients from USA and some other countries are not eligible for joining the programme.

How To Join?

To join the subscription and benefit from a completely free automated profitable forex subscription, please contact us using the following options and share some of your personal information including your name, whether you have any broker accounts, the expected deposit size and your country of residence. Alternatively, you may contact us here.

We will guide you through the required steps and begin trading as soon as your account is accepted by the broker and money is deposited.