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Signalator Investment Calculator

Signalator Investment Calculator is a unique tool / software which will help you choose and optimize your trading lots type, find the most efficient trade signals, get acquainted with levels of maximum drawdown and average monthly profit for each available trade signal or a signals set. You can choose as many signals or sets as you like. Use this tool to combine signals you are interested in trading with. Once generated, you will find a detailed report with every trade details, lot amounts, trade results. The comparison table of basic pips / USD with 0.1 lot trading, % of Deposit and Flexible lot trading includes overall details. The chart shows visual results for better perception.

How to use this tool?
Step 1. Choose Basic or Advanced report type. Basic report type compares the three different approaches to the same signals. Whilst Advanced type allows you to choose various types of trading for each signal or a signals set. Choose one of the available currencies to display a report in. Define initial deposit level and period of report.
Step 2 Select Signals Sets or Signals you would like to check. Each signal or set is provided with its title and Average Monthly Profit (AMP) value in pips and a Maximum Drawdown in pips (DD). For example: Signalator XT (AMP XXXX || DD YYYY). It means the Signalator XT has an average of XXXX pips profit a month and a maximum drawdown of YYYY pips. Choose trading types and lot sizes for each chosen signal (signals set). Within the Advanced type, you may define it individually. With the Basic type, you set types for all chosen signals. Click here to read more about various lot types.
Step 3. Click the "Generate Report" button to view results. Repeat these steps as many times as you require to find the most appropriate signals and / or the most efficient lot types and values. You may also visit the Investment Calculator Reports page to view the best reports already generated.

Calculator Settings

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Report type
Calculator Currency
Initial equity
Fixed Lot
Flexible Lot Trading Flexible Deposit
% Of Deposit Trading Lot size: % of Equity

Choose Signals or Signals Sets

Signals Sets

STORM (AMP: 374 || DD : -391)
GOLDEN (AMP: 217 || DD : -902)
GOLDEN PLUS (AMP: 117 || DD : -1167)
COMPLETE (AMP: 100 || DD : -675)
SIGNALATOR EA (AMP: 48 || DD : -1562)


GOLD (AMP: 225.00000 || DD : -684)
GOLD TREND (AMP: 153.00000 || DD : -106)
GOLD MINI (AMP: 95.00000 || DD : -383)
EA GBP JPY (AMP: 94.00000 || DD : -602)
(AMP: 87.00000 || DD : -325)
GBP JPY TREND (AMP: 69.00000 || DD : -586)
USD CAD INVEST (AMP: 48.00000 || DD : -175)
USD CAD TREND (AMP: 47.00000 || DD : -332)
GBP USD (AMP: 8.00000 || DD : -324)
EA GOLD (AMP: 6.00000 || DD : -580)
EA USD CAD (AMP: 0.00000 || DD : -173)
EUR USD TREND (AMP: -10.00000 || DD : -85)
AUD JPY TREND (AMP: -26.00000 || DD : -282)
(AMP: -29.00000 || DD : -214)