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Signalator Autotrader Errors

If you face any difficulties whith an installation of a Signalator autotrader or you are getting any errors generated by an autotrader, please use the following page to find out the solutions. We added all errors with their solutions we could find. These are the errors you may face (or faced already). Based on our experience, 99% of difficulties occur due to improperly installed autotraders. Should you use this guide and you will fix everything within minutes.

If you didn't find your error, please contact Signalator support team.

There are two groups of errors you may face: Errors and messages generated by an autotrader with an "errX" code and other errors.

Signalator Autotrader Errors with "errX" messages

We have configured an autotrader so that you can get a maximum information about your subscription and settings. An autotrader connects to Signalator website to get information about your subscription and to get trade details. If there are any errors with either your subscription configuration or with a trade alert, you will get an error followed by errX code within an "Experts" tab. Further you will find descriptions and solution for each of available error.

Signalator autotrader errors list

Err1. Your autotrader login is incorrect, please check it: "tradelogin"

Reason: If you did not put your tradelogin within the tradelogin field within the Inputs tab of your autotrader or you put the wrong tradelogin.
Solution: Log on to your personal page (My Account), click My Subscription link and copy tradelogin details to the autotrader.

Err2. You do not have a valid subscription to this signal

Reason: You have no active (valid) subscription to this signal.
Solution: Subscribe to this signal or contact Signalator sales. If you have subscribed recently, please allow up to 8 hours for an activation of your subscription.

Err3. Your subscription is not activated for automated trading

Reason: Your current subscription configuration is not properly configured for an automated trading.
Solution: Log on to your personal page (My Account), click My Subscription link, make sure Automated Trading check box for the chosen signal is in "checked" status. Click the Update button. You will add automated trading option to your subscription.

Err4. Your subscription expired

Reason: Your period based subscription has expired.
Solution: Renew your subscription by visiting Subscribe page.

Err5. Your guaranteed pips subscription expired

Reason: Your guaranteed pips subscription has expired. Your pips balance is exhausted.
Solution: Buy more guaranteed pips on Subscribe page.

Err6. Website is not available. Please wait

Reason: Your autotrader can't connect to the Signalator website.
Solution: Check your internet connection. If it is OK, please wait until website is available.

Err7. This trading account is not authorised for this signal

Reason: The trading account you installed an autotrader is not the same as the one set within your personal page.
Solution:Log on to your personal page (My Account), click the My Details link. Enter the valid MT4 / 5 account number and click the Update button.

errAutVer Your autotrader version is obsolete: " + X.Y + " Please upgrade it to " +XX.YY + " errAutVer"

Reason: Your autotrader version is lower than the currently available autotrader version
Solution: It is recommended to update / upgrade autotraders to newer versions as this may be a security or a stability improvement upgrade.

The currency pair is incorrect, change to Symbol

Reason: Saved symbol is not the one you attached an autotrader to.
Solution: A) Check a currency symbol of a chart you attached an autotrader to. If it is not common, e.g. EURUSDecn, add this value to cursymbol field. B) If you changed a currency symbol to a correct value and still get this error, switch the checkcurrency option to false.

Execution is impossible: max slippage is exceeded Signal price: "+ Signal Price + " ASK/BID price : " + MarketPrice + " Slippage size: " + Current slippage level

Reason: The difference between current market price and the alert price is more than a defined slippage amount
Solution: If you set too small slippage (e.g. 5 pips), try making it at least 15-20 pips. If market price went sharply, you will have to wait for another trade.

Metatrader Errors with Alert messages

These errors are generated my Metatrader software. The most common errors are available here.

Error 1:
Impossible to set the same levels of SL and/or TP. Please make amendments and try again. SL = "+stop_loss+", TP = "+take_profit);
Do nothing. It will be solved automatically.

Error 2:
General Error.
Error is unidentified.

Error 3:
Incorrect values sent to the function. Price = "+alert_price+", SL = "+stop_loss+", TP = "+take_profit);
Autotrader received a bad trading alert. Nothing is required from you.

Error 4 or Error 146:
Trading server is busy. Please try again later.
Broker server is too busy and is not responding. Wait a bit. During major data release, blackout may be for minutes.

Error 5:
Your terminal version is obsolete, download the most recent one.
Next time you reload your trading platform, it will upgrade automatically.

Error 6:
No connection with the trading server. Check the connection.
Check your internet connection. If it works, wait.

Error 8 or Error 141:
Too frequent requests.
Wait until this error is solved automatically.

Error 64:
The account is suspended
Your account is suspended by your broker. Contact your broker for more details.

Error 128:
The order has expired.
A pending order is expired and is no longer valid. Wait for a new order.

Error 129:
Incorrect price."+" Price = "+alert_price);
Sent price is incorrect. Price will be updated automatically.

Error 130:
The Stop Loss and Take Profits are placed too close and can not be executed, Signal price " + alert_price + "SL = "+stop_loss+", TP = "+take_profit);
It may happen that a price moved too close to SL level before it was actually updated. Try to edit SL/TP levels manually. If price already reached a new SL/TP level, close the trade.

Error 131:
The volume is not correct.
The closing order came with a different lot closing amount. From version 3.0 autotrader is configured to overcome these situations automatically. However, if this is not the case, close the trade manually.

Error 132:
The market is closed.
Wait until market opens.

Error 133:
Trading is prohibited
Automated trading is disabled by your broker. Contact your broker and ask to activate Expert Advisor automated trading.

Error 134:
Not enough equity for the operation.
You don't have enough money to make any new trades. Either add some capital to your trading account or lower open lot amounts.

Error 135:
The price has changed.
Order price was changed. Wait and the price will be updated automatically.

Error 136:
There is no price. The broker has not provided the price.
No execution price is offered by your broker. Wait until order is executed. During extreme volatility on market it may take some time.

Error 138:
The requested price became obsolete, or inappropriate use of bid / ask prices.
Prices are changing to fast. Wait until broker offers a valid price.

Error 139:
The order is blocked and is being processed.
Order was blocked by a broker. Contact your broker to find out the reasons.

Error 140:
Only Long (Buy) trades are allowed.
Your autotrader is set to execute only Short trades. Go to Common tab within your autotrader and select Long&Short within Common settings. If this solution is not working, you may be using a trading instrument which is configured by your broker for Long trading only.

Error 144:
The order is deleted manually by the user.
You have deleted an order which is about to be executed. Wait for a new order or execute it manually.

Error 148:
The number of orders reached the maximum amount.
Contact your broker for more details.

Error 4109:
Trade is not allowed. Enable check box "Allow live trading" in the Expert Advisor properties
You have not activated automated live trading. Go to Common tab within Autotrader and activate Allow Live Trading check box.

Error 4110:
Longs are not allowed. Check the Expert Advisor properties. Change to Long&Short positions.
Your autotrader is set to execute only Short trades. Go to Common tab within your autotrader and select Long&Short within Common settings.

Error 4111:
Shorts are not allowed. Check the Expert Advisor properties. Change to Long&Short positions.
Your autotrader is set to execute only Short trades. Go to Common tab within your autotrader and select Long&Short within Common settings.