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Where I can see the results?
What is an average monthly profit?
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Where can I see the results?

Trading result is the most important characteristic of a trading signal. Signalator offers a number of detailed results pages where you can check the overall and the detailed results including every trade results. The following results pages are available for your consideration:

RESULTS PAGE - click here to view. The results page includes the overall monthly results for each available signals for the past 6 months. As an example, you may see the results from December 2015 to May 2016 . You can see how much profit was made for each month by every available signal. Click on a monthly result to view a signal's detailed page.

All trading signals with overall results

Signalator results


FOREX SIGNALS PAGE / FOREX SIGNALS SETS PAGE- check all available forex signals here and all available forex signals sets. On the forex signals page you will find the list of available signals with an overall details. An average profit a month in pips and in percentage, a monthly win rate, a maximum drawdown and an average number of trades a month are available. Navigate a desired signal and click anywhere on a selected row to view the detailed results page.


Signalator forex signals page

Signalator signals set results

BEST TRADING SIGNALS - click to view the page. Every month, the three most profitable signals are added to the list so that you can check which signals perform better. There are 4 columns: one for the month of trading and the three others for the three most profitable signals. As an example, May 2016 results are circled. Click on any signal to view its detailed signal page.

Signalator best signals

INIDIVIDUAL SIGNAL DETAILED RESULTS PAGE. As an example, the USDJPY XT results page is included. As you can see the page includes a number of statistics figures: total profit, profit a month, monthly win ratio, drawdown and many more. If you would to check how much profit was earned for each traded month, you may find these details within a calendar of trading. Click on any month's result to view every trade report. Signal and signals set detailed pages are available for every offered signal or a signals set.

Single signal report

If you click any month result (as shown on the picture above). For example on USDJPY May 2016 result which was +201 pips, the every trade report will be loaded.

Signalator every trade report

SIGNALS HISTORY PAGE - click to view the page. You may check the history of sent alerts (open, close and update alerts) to our customers. To check the history of signals (alerts), log on to your personal page and click the "Signals History" link as shown on the picture below.

Signalator signals history

You will be redirected to the Signals History page where you can choose a desired signal, a number of signals to be displayed on the page, the sorting order, etc. By default the most profitable signal is loaded. An example, of how it looks like is available below.

Signals history report
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