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Signalator Forex Trading Signals


Signalator provides profitable forex trading signals with SMS, Email alerts, automated trading (automated execution of trades), free VPS. All our signals include open and close prices, stop loss level, take profit level, comments from our traders. Signalator alerts are easy to use and to understand. Click here to view examples of our signals.

Signalator Ltd. is an independent company having no relations with any fx broker. Our main and primary objective in trading is to make good profits. Much attention is devoted to risk and money management techniques. You may read more about the recommended deposits here. We do not make trades every 5-10 minutes trying to catch a five-pip movement, so it may take a 1 day or a 1 week period before we open the next forex trade.


Three Types of Trading Signals

We are constantly working on improving our services by offering new currency pairs and trading instruments, by providing more efficient money management rules, by increasing profitability and stability of our signals. To offer the most profitable and the most efficient trading signals we provide three types of trading signals varying by trading approach, time frame, trading intensity, average monthly results, risk-reward ratio, levels of take profit and stop loss and by many other options. Depending on your trading expectations and requirements you may choose the most appropriate type of signal for your current market activity. For diversification purposes, signals may be grouped within a signal set (a group of signals traded together). Find out how you may benefit from trading with a signals set. Further, you will find the list of available signals with the overall description and overall details.

Signals without any extensions (e.g. EURUSD). All provided by Signalator currency pairs, including all majors. The most popular and efficient trading signals combining high market involvement with short-term analysis. The highest win ratio among all the signals provided. Short-term intra-day trading with small SL / TP levels (approximately 30-40 pips). Unrealised (floating) profit is not always covered by moving SL to an opening price. The low risk with low deposit requirements. The best option for all types of traders. Trades are not made only during the extreme news releases such as US Interest Rate.
Signals are available together within the Signalator signals set. These signals are used for the guaranteed profits subscription and for forex investment programmes.
Pro signals are provided only for currency pairs with big price movements, mostly GBP pairs and cross-pairs. Advanced market analysis tools, flexible SL / TP positioning, both floating losses and profits covering techniques. High levels of TP and SL levels. Expecting profits of 50 pips and more for each trade. Trading is not made under extreme, high and medium importance news. Very intense trading based on 1M and 5M charts. Trend reversal and oversold/overbought indicators used both by Signalator Professional traders and Signalator AI trading software to generate up to 100 signals a month for a single currency pair.
EA stands for Expert Advisor. EA signals are signals with the highest monthly profit and the highest market involvement. Trades are created automatically and controlled by traders based on 5 and 15 minutes charts. Up to 40 trades a month for one currency pair. Signals are available as part of the free subscription. The most profitable currency pairs including GBPJPY, GBPCHF are offered. Commodities like Gold and Oil along with CFD Indices are available for subscription. The only signals you may buy a robot and use as long as you like.
Signalator EA group of EA signals and robots.

Available Forex Signals

For a better illustration, we have prepared a comparison table of the Pay for period (monthly subscription) and the Pay for profits (guaranteed pips) subscription. The guaranteed pips subscription is the far more advantageous type of a subscription. Not to mention it is the most popular subscription among Signalator clients (65% of clients choose it).

Monthly Profit Trades a month Signal Deposit Drawdown
138 pips 3 trades / month EURUSD $1500 / 0.1 lot -497 pips
171 pips 3 trades / month GBPUSD $1500 / 0.1 lot -183 pips
224 pips 2 trades / month GBPJPY $1750 / 0.1 lot -372 pips
16 pips 4 trades / month NZDUSD $1500 / 0.1 lot -96 pips
-41 pips 8 trades / month GBPJPY PRO $1500 / 0.1 lot -408 pips
25 pips 28 trades / month EA EUR USD $1800 / 0.1 lot -325 pips
35 pips 47 trades / month EA GBP USD $3500 / 0.1 lot -561 pips
54 pips 41 trades / month EA GBPJPY $1900 / 0.1 lot -617 pips
-38 pips 40 trades / month EA GBPCHF $2100 / 0.1 lot -522 pips
56 pips 13 trades / month EA GOLD $1600 / 0.1 lot -72 pips


Questions and Answers
Is it possible to subscribe to one or to two currency pairs?
Yes, of course, you may subscribe to only one currency pair. On every signal's results page, there is a link for subscription. Alternatively, you may click here to see all subscription options. If you require 2-3 pairs, then simply subscribe to each pair separately. If you require more than 3 pairs, consider subscribing to any signals set (a group of signals).
How can I receive trading signals?
All paid subscriptions include free email alerts, personal page website alerts, automated trading for metatrader. For an additional charge, you may receive alerts via SMS.
What if my monthly subscription ends with a loss?
With a period based subscription (1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year) you pay for the period of use regardless of the results. Check the guaranteed pips subscription for the results based subscription.
I want to have trades automated, is it possible?
All trades can be executed automatically on any metatrader broker account. Click here for more details on automated trading.
How much money do I need to start trading with your signals?
Basically, there are no minimum or required levels of deposit. We provide signals information for your consideration. You may trade on a real or on a demo account with our signals. However, to get the maximum benefit it is recommended to follow the risk and money management rules. Find out here what are the recommended levels of deposit.
Which type of orders are Signalator signals? Market or pending?
All Signalator signals are market orders which means you have to execute a trade once you've received a trade's details. Don't wait for an open or a close price as these are the prices we made our trade. Open, close or update a trade as soon as you receive an alert.
What is the difference between GBPJPY Plus and GBPJPY?
Signalator offers several types of signals. You may check the currently available types above. Each type of signal is offered with a different trading approach, SL / TP levels. In the end, you receive signals which have one thing in common only - the trading instrument / currency pair. For example, GBPJPY Plus and GBPJPY are the two different signals with different trading approaches. Basically, these are the two titles (names) of products we offer.