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Signalator Forex Trading Signals


Signalator provides profitable forex trading signals suitable for all kinds of forex traders. Regardless of the type of signal, every signal and system is offered with Telegram alerts, Automated Trading (copy trading) for MT4 and MT5 (automated execution of trades on any metatrader account), Email alerts and a free VPS Server for platform installation.

All our signals and trades always include 1 SL (stop loss) level, 1TP (take profit) level, open and close prices, comments from our traders. Signalator alerts are easy to use and to understand. Click here to check the examples and the delivery options.

Trading on any market always involves risks and trading on the forex market is not an exception. Such speculative trading as forex trading is considered to be a high-risk activity. Much attention in Signalator is devoted to risk and money management techniques. Risk assessment is one of the key factors in successful trading. You may read more about the recommended deposits here.

Available Forex Signals and Signals Sets

Further, you will find the list of available forex signals (currency pairs) and groups of signals (signals sets). The detailed explanations on signals types and possible extensions are available below. For one currency pair, you may find several different signals varying by trading approach. Consider a signals set (a group of signals combined together) to benefit from diversification, increased profits and lower drawdown. Read more about all available Signalator signals sets.

Title (View results) Profit a month Included Delivery Monthly Price
GOLDEN PLUS 404 pips | 15 % | $404 for 0.1 lot Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $249
GOLDEN 282 pips | 11.3 % | $282 for 0.1 lot Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $195
COMPLETE 111 pips | 3.1 % | $111 for 0.1 lot Telegram | MT4 / 5 | Email $295


Signal / Set Monthly Profit Trades a month View Details
GOLD BOT 327 pips 38 View Details
GOLD 267 pips 35 View Details
GOLD TREND 199 pips 2 View Details
GOLD MINI 103 pips 7 View Details
GOLD PRO (new!) 86 pips 0 View Details
GBP JPY TREND 71 pips 6 View Details
GOLD PLUS 64 pips 8 View Details
GBP USD 10 pips 4 View Details
DOMINO GOLD BOT 0 pips 0 View Details

Two Types of Trading Signals

Signalator offers various signals for various currency pairs. All signals are based on fundamental, technical and recent performance analysis. To offer the most profitable and the most efficient trading signals our trading signals vary by trading approach, time frame, trading intensity, average monthly results, risk-reward ratio, levels of TP and SL and by many other options. However, we may derive two major groups to split all the signals we provide. Trend Trading and Reversal Trading. The underlying trading style is very different from one another, hence there are both pros and cons for each.

Depending on your trading expectations and requirements you may choose the most appropriate type of signal for your current market activity. Signals may be grouped within a signal set (a group of signals traded together) to benefit from diversification, lower risks and higher profits. Check trading with a signals set.

For one currency pair there could be several different signals (e.g. one trend, two reversal signals). Further, you will find a detailed explanation of signals type and the full list of currently available signals.


Trend signals are designed to benefit from following a trend. Normally, you shall expect new trades opened once there is an up or downtrend. In most cases, a TP level is many times more than an SL level (e.g. 150 pips TP level and 20 pips SL level). The second most noticeable characteristic of such signals is a very low number of trades per month. The winning and efficiency rate of these signals is also much higher compared to reversal signals. Though this type of signals is very popular, there is one obvious disadvantage - it requires strong movements to open a trade and to make decent profits. Lack of such movements may lead to many small losses or the absence of trades in general. A position may remain open for several days or even weeks.

OVERVIEW: high-efficiency signals with high profits, high Profit-to-Loss ratio, low volume of trading, very small SL levels, high TP levels.


Reversal signals benefit from up and down movements (side, jigsaw market) when price moves within a channel with strong support and resistance levels. In most cases, a TP level is several times less than an SL level (e.g. 30 pips TP and 150 pips SL level). Though the risk/reward ratio is not commonly accepted to be valid for trading, this is not the case for the forex market when you make 20-40 trades a month. Contrary to the Trend signals, the Reversal signals make many trades a month. The profit level is either on the same level or even higher compared to the Trend signals. Reversal signals have significantly more conditions for trading compared to the Trend signals and hence benefit from high market involvement. Mostly short-term intra-day trading.

OVERVIEW: high-volume trading, medium to very high profits, small TP levels

Signals Extensions

Signals and services offered throughout the website may include various extensions for clear distinguishment. Further, you will find all the extensions we use with descriptions and examples.

EA (Expert Advisor)

EA extension is used to describe trading robots we offer (e.g. EA EURUSD, EA Gold). Such robots generate signals and make trades based on rules coded within a robot. You may use any available subscription option to use these signals including a one-time payment. Unlike signals without an EA extension, the robot generates trades based only on rules coded within the robot, whereas signals without such extensions are based on a combination of robots, human intervention and other factors.

TREND (Trend Signals)

Signals with a Trend extension use trend trading as the basis (read more above). For example, Gold Trend.

MINI (Signals with smaller SL / TP levels)

For some popular currency pairs we do provide several signals at the same time, e.g. Gold, EA Gold, Gold Trend, Gold Mini. The MINI extension describes signals with smaller SL / TP levels compared to other signals of the same currency pair. For example, Gold Mini has a 110 pips SL level compared to 260 pips SL of the Gold signal.

Questions and Answers
Is it possible to subscribe to one or to two currency pairs?
Yes, of course, you may subscribe to only one currency pair. On every signal's results page, there is a link for subscription. Alternatively, you may click here to see all subscription options. If you require 2-3 pairs, then simply subscribe to each pair separately. If you require more than 3 pairs, consider subscribing to any signals set (a group of signals).
How can I receive trading signals?
All paid subscriptions include Telegram instant alerts, MT4 / MT5 automated trading for any account, Email alerts. For an additional charge, you may receive alerts via SMS.
What if my monthly subscription ends with a loss?
With a period based subscription (1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year) you pay for the period of use regardless of the results. Check the guaranteed pips subscription for the results based subscription.
I want to have trades automated, is it possible?
All trades can be executed automatically on any MT4 / MT5 metatrader broker account by means of Signalator Expert Advisor Execution. Click here for more details on automated trading.
How much money do I need to start trading with your signals?
Basically, there are no minimum or required levels of deposit. We provide signals information for your consideration. You may trade on a real or on a demo account with our signals. However, to get the maximum benefit it is recommended to follow the risk and money management rules. Find out here what are the recommended levels of deposit.
Which type of orders are Signalator signals? Market or pending?
All Signalator signals are market orders which means you have to execute a trade once you've received a trade's details. Don't wait for an open or a close price as these are the prices we made our trade. Open, close or update a trade as soon as you receive an alert.
What is the difference between EA GBPJPY and GBPJPY?
Signalator offers several types of signals. You may check the currently available types above. Each type of signal is offered with a different trading approach, SL / TP levels. In the end, you receive signals which have one thing in common only - the trading instrument / currency pair. For example, EA GBPJPY and GBPJPY are the two different signals with different trading approaches. Basically, these are the two titles (names) of products we offer.