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Do you make trades during the news?
What are the XT, Plus extensions?
Two trades in opposite directions for the same currency pair
What is a trading signal?
How can I receive signals?
Do you use market or pending orders
When do you send signals?
Why there are no trades today?
Which currency pairs are available?
Do you use stop loss, take profit levels?
  HELP CATEGORY: SIGNALS > TRADING SIGNALS > Do you use stop loss, take profit levels?

Do you use stop loss, take profit levels?

Yes, Signalator uses both the stop loss (SL) and the take profit (TP) levels within most of the sent signals. SL is the level of a maximum loss. If a price goes in a loss direction and hits the level of SL, a position is closed automatically. So we control a maximum of a loss for each trade. TP level is a desired level of profit. Once a price reaches a level of TP, a position is closed automatically with a desired level of profit. Moreover, Signalator uses trailing SL and TP levels. As a position goes the right way, we may move / update SL / TP levels to maximise profit and / or to limit losses.

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