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When do you send signals?

Signalator traders monitor market from 3:00 on Monday until 19:00 on Friday. However, most signals are usually sent from 5:00 to 18:00 every day. Signalator uses GMT 0 UK London time as the time basis. You can always find the current Signalator time at the top of any page.Signalator current time

So when you see Signalator time and you know your current time, you may easily calculate the time when most of signals are sent in your local time. As an example, please find the calculation of signals time delivery for New York City. The time difference between London and New York is 5 hours. When it is 3:00 in London it is 22:00 in New York previous day. It means all signals are usually sent from 22:00 to 14:00 New York time. The same you may calculate the local time of signals delivery.

As stated previously, most of signals are sent within 5:00-19:00 time frame However, this is not always the case. In some cases, Signalator may send a signal at any time (usually a closing signal for a currently open signal). In order not to miss a trade, it is recommended to use an automated trading delivery option.

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