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Two trades in opposite directions for the same currency pair
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  HELP CATEGORY: SIGNALS > TRADING SIGNALS > Two trades in opposite directions for the same currency pair

Two trades in opposite directions for the same currency pair

Sometimes you may notice we have two trades opened for the same currency pair almost at the same time but in opposite directions. Please use two trades made on 6th of September 2017 as an example:

a) 6 Sep 2017 5:46 GBPUSD XT Sell 1.30325 SL: 1.30725, TP: 1.2948
b) 6 Sep 2017 6:17 GBPUSD Buy at 1.3035 , SL: 1.30035, TP: 1.3085

The first thing you have to notice is a title of a signal: GBPUSD XT for the first trade and GBPUSD for the second. Signalator offers the three types of trading signals. You may consider them as different models, approaches in trading, etc. To distinguish one from another, we use extensions: Basic, XT, Plus, Pro, etc. Each group has its own time frame, investment expectations, type of trading. In general the Plus signals provide the highest efficiency rate, the lowest drawdown level. Whilst the Basic signals offer the highest drawdown, the lowest efficiency rate. You may read in more details about the different signal types here.

If one trade is opened in any direction it has nothing to do with other signals for the same currency pair. Each signal opens trades due to various time frames (intra-day, short-term), levels of SL / TP, risk expectations, underlying analysis type trades (technical, fundamental, news).

These signals are not connected with each other as if each group is provided by a different trader, company, etc., thereby if you trade several groups of signals at one time, you should not correlate trading of different signals for the same currency pair. Please read the page on how to choose the most appropriate signals to find out the best trading solution for you.

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