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Signalator Profit Sharing Subscription

The profit-sharing service is the best option Signalator can offer you today (it is very much like the Investment Programmes we offer but with even better results). We have been many years working on the forex market and the managed account service is the extract of our knowledge and our experience. The most efficient trading offered by Signalator. The best signals and trading conditions.

This is the most sophisticated and the most profitable option we may offer. We take the full care and the full control of your account to provide the most efficient forex trading results. We trade on your account with any broker, with any trading platform. The results are 100% based on your account figures. You make only the first small prepayment and the most fees are paid after the profits are made.

Why Choose A Profit-Sharing Subscription?

The most efficient trading considering all your requirements (the maximum level of drawdown, trading leverage, spread and commissions, instruments desires). It takes into consideration many factors, including the maximum accepted drawdown level, the main expected emphasis in trading, etc. The first step we undertake is the development of your investment and trading plan. We will offer you the most efficient trading based on your expectations and desires. The key features are variable currency pair trading, low drawdown, flexible lot size allocation, steady equity growth.

3 100% BESPOKE

Before setting a trading software on your account, we will develop a personal investment plan taking into consideration several crucial factors including a maximum level of drawdown, a type of trading, etc. with several trading stages and trading options with an approximate and expected period of trading and results. Once you accept a proposed trading plan, trading begins directly in your account (it is recommended to use any MT4/MT5 account, however, Signalator staff may also execute trades for you on your behalf). We can't provide any specific trading results as each trading plan is unique. As a base for trading, we use signals offered to our clients within the Signalator Investment Programme. We use only the most profitable and the most efficient signals among the offered.

Conditions and Requirements

To proceed with the profit-sharing, please contact your manager or Signalator sales team. We will create and send you an invoice for the first payment. There are two types of profit sharing: +100% deposit or profit-sharing plan. The only difference is in a way you pay your fees to Signalator. All other trading conditions, requirements and tools are the same. Please note: all account balances and fees are cited in USD. Your account balance and fees paid may be nominated in any currency. Payments and balances will be equivalent to figures shown below in USD. The first payment is paid up-front.

Minimum deposit

The minimum required deposit is $25,000 or equivalent in any other currency. Before we proceed, we will ask a copy of the statement with this amount or login / password for an account so that we could check your balance by ourselves.

Required broker

You are free to choose any broker you like. With the managed account subscription, you get a personal trader option which provides execution on any trading platform with any forex brokers. Please note: we accept only forex spot brokers and spread betting brokers. Binary options, futures, etc. account types are not allowed.

Fees schedules and payments

Any option requires the first payment to be made in accordance with the following table. Once the first payment is received, we create an investment plan based on your desires and expectations. Upon investment plan agreement, we begin trading directly on your account.


Fees and Payments

Any option requires the first payment to be made in accordance with the following table. Once the first payment is received, we create an investment plan based on your desires and expectations. Upon investment plan agreement, we begin trading directly on your account. As your funds are stored with the broker account of your choice, we reserve the first payment as the payment for the first period.

Account Balance Fees 1st payment Other payments
$25,000-$50,000 30% of profit $950

Other fees are paid based on a chosen managed account type. Please use the corresponding table to find out examples and payment schedule.

$50,000-$100,000 25% of profit $1,500
$100,000+ 20% of profit $2,500


+100% of Deposit

We will double your account during a subscription period. By the end of a subscription period, you will receive the net 100% gain on your trading account. All fees paid will be covered by trading. At the end, you may either renew the subscription for another 100% gain or you may switch to the profit-sharing type.

Account Balance Net Profit 2nd payment
(after 25% gain)
3rd payment
(after 50% gain)
Last payment
(after 75% gain)
Total Fees
$25,000-$50,000 100% ($05K-$50K) $2,300-$4,900 $2,300-$4,900 $2,500-$5,100 $9,100-$16,900
$50,000-$100,000 100% ($50K-$100K $4,200 - $6,900 $4,200 - $6,900 $4,200 - $6,900 $15,600-$23,750
$100,000+ 100% ($100K+) $5,600+ $5,600+ $5,600+ from $21,000



With the profit-sharing type, we continue trading on your account until you cancel the subscription. Once we make the net 10% of your account, we ask for a fee to be paid. The fee schedule is available below. All fees are covered by net profits. It means, we generate 10% of deposit + fee coverage profit.

Account Balance Recurring payment
(every 10% gain)
$25,000-$50,000 30% of your net income ($945-$1,750)
$50,000-$100,000 25% of your net income ($1,500-$2,300)
$100,000+ 20% of your net income ($2,100+)


Individual conditions

Though we have ready-to-go conditions, profit sharing service is the 100% client-oriented. Should you desire to have different conditions, trading styles, etc., please contact us to discuss your desired way of trading. We are ready to offer almost any kind of trading conditions that will suit your needs and expectations.

To get an overview of an investment plan, please use the following link to download a sample Signalator Managed Account Investment Plan. It includes details about trading signals, trading amounts.

Forex Investment Programmes

If you have less than $25,000 or equivalent but still want to have your account professionally managed and looked after, please consider Signalator investment programmes with profits displayed in percentage to your deposit but with small monthly fixed fees. Click here to read more about investment programmes.

Questions and Answers
Is there any minimum deposit required?
The minimum deposit is $25,000 or equivalent in any currency. If you have less than $20,000, please consider using investment programmes.
How can I deposit funds to you?
Signalator does not accept any funds from clients. You have to deposit a fund with any forex broker you like. All depositing and withdrawal conditions are subject to terms of a broker you get an account with.
How long will it take to make profits on my account?
To get an estimate of profits you will be receiving, please refer to the Signalator investment programmes. These results may be increased / decreased by a number of circumstances and factors (trading conditions, maximum drawdown, the chosen currency pairs, the re-investment strategy, etc).
Which signals are used for generating profits?
We use a combination of currently available signals and high efficiency long term signals. The main emphasis is made on diversification and special money management.
Do I have to pay all fees prior to subscription?
You make a prepayment only for the first payment ($950-$2,500 depending on your deposit amount). All other fees are paid upon profit receipt.
Why there are no managed account results?
A managed account is a service with individual trading styles. Most clients have unique requirements and expectations. That is why there is no fixed managed account report. The time used for this trading and the intermediate results varies greatly from one client to another because of individual desires and expectations. You may get overall information about trading results. Signalator investment programmes.