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Do you make trades during the news?
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  HELP CATEGORY: SIGNALS > TRADING SIGNALS > Do you make trades during the news?

Do you make trades during important news?

In general Signalator traders do not make any trades before or during the important news such as interest rate decisions, unemployment data, GDP levels, non farm payrolls, durable goods, retail sales, consumer price index, FOMC / BOE / ECB minutes and policy statements, FOMC Chairman testimony, BREXIT, US Ellection, etc.

Why we do not make trades? There is basically one the most important reason for that: the volatility. The volatility within these periods is so extreme, you will get SL hit (if you use it) with a very high probability. Moreover, most brokers provide absolutely impossible spread levels and finally - you may not make a trade at all due to some technical reasons on brokers side (sometimes trades are closed far away from the placed SL levels). Trading with the news is most like a flip of a coin.

However, under certain conditions Signalator traders may leave trades open, open trades before news, etc. The following situations include but are not limited by: long term trading with good paper profit and expectation of a bigger profit, a very small difference between the current market price and a set SL level, etc.

If you believe you do not want to have any trades open during these extreme market situations, please contact your manager.

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