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Signalator Subscription Options

Signalator offers a wide range of services and subscription options. We are aimed at providing high-efficiency paid forex services for clients with deposits over $2,000 or equivalent. For smaller deposit sizes we offer a free Telegram Channel for Gold.

All subscription includes email and Telegram alerts, automated execution of trades for any MT4 / 5 MetaTrader account (with a broker of your choice), trading platform installation, VPS for hosting of your trading platform. You may check all the features of a subscription here. Depending on your requirements and expectations we are happy to offer forex investment programmes, forex signals and groups of signals for the most popular currency pairs, guaranteed pips subscription and EA expert advisors robots.

Further, you will find the overall information on each available subscription option with links to detailed information. Regardless of the subscription type you choose, you retain full control of the trading process during the subscription (including but not limited to the size of the lot, execution of trades, etc.)


the most efficient trading with individual approach with the highest monthly returns


buy guaranteed pips and use with any available signals until you make the net profits


choose signals and groups of signals and trade automatically or manually


buy EA expert advisors robots or choose a lifetime subscription to any service we offer


Subscription Options Details

Forex Investment Programmes

FOREX INVESTMENT PROGRAMMES. Signalator investment programme is the most efficient product with a period-based subscription. You may trade with any broker using the most profitable and efficient trades (available as a part of investment programmes mostly) accompanied with special capital and risk management.

All trades are automatically executed for you on your account and are fully controlled by human traders all the time. The results are published in percentage to your initial deposit, the fixed fees are paid regardless of the account size and paid on a quarterly basis. You may choose from several programmes (from Low-Risk to Aggressive).

Read more about the investment programmes.

Forex Signals and Groups Of Signals

Signalator offers forex signals for the most popular currency pairs (Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, etc.) You may subscribe to one currency pair or several currency pairs. A group of signals (signals set) includes several signals combined together for diversification purposes. This is the most common subscription type on the forex market. Your subscription is valid for a period you subscribed to, once the subscription expires, you have to renew it.

Check all available forex signals and signals sets.

Guaranteed Pips Subscription (125 - 2500 guaranteed pips)

The guaranteed pips subscription is the pay for profits subscription. You subscribe to the results on your trading account. Unlike the monthly subscription, the guaranteed pips subscription is not limited by any period but is limited by the amount of profit you receive. Should you face a bad period in trading and you make no profit with the trading signals, you continue receiving trading alerts until you make the net profit. For example, if you begin your trading with a $5,000 deposit and buy a $1,000 profit, your subscription will expire once your deposit amount rises above $6,000. Until that time you will be receiving signals.

The profit for the subscription is calculated in pips. You are free to choose any available trading signals with any trading lot size.

The detailed information on guaranteed pips.

Lifetime Subscriptions and EA Expert Advisor Robots Software


Pay once and use chosen services with all options for an unlimited period. Benefit from discounts up to 99%. Very beneficial for large accounts, multi-account subscriptions. Lifetime subscriptions are available for all services we provide. Click here to check.


Expert advisor is the robot trading for any metatrader account. It is suitable for both MT4 and MT5 accounts. You may purchase the robot (expert advisor) or you may subscribe to the signals generated by the robot. Robot trading is based on the 15 minutes charts with various indicators and tools for market analysis. Signalator traders control the robot and constantly update and revise it. Click here to read more about EA Trading.

If you require any specific currency pair or you are not happy with the trading style of our signals, Signalator may develop an EA based on your requirements. Please contact sales for more details.

What is the best subscription to choose?
The best option depends on a number of factors including the size of a trading account, the maximum drawdown you can accept, etc.
Can I use several subscription options?
Yes, for example you may use a monthly subscription to one currency pair and the guaranteed pips subscription for other pairs. Or you may have one trading account with a period based subscription and another trading account with a pay for profits subscription.
Is there a minimum for a deposit amount to begin using your services?
Practically we do not require to have any deposit at all. You may trade equally successful with either a demo account or with a $100,000 live account. The only recommendation is not to trade with a deposit of less than $2,000. The recommended deposit level is $5,000 or equivalent in any currency.
What are the costs?
The prices for subscribing are available among the website along with add-to-cart buttons. All prices are available on the Prices and Subscription page.