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Signalator Subscription Options

Signalator offers the wide range of forex signals and the variety of subscription options. All paid subscription options include SMS and Email alerts, automated trading (automated execution of trades), personal page alerts, customer support, money and risk management. Use this page to choose the most appropriate for you subscription type.

The trading signals used for subscription are the same for any of a subscription you choose. The main difference is in the way you pay and use the services. We offer the pay for profits subscription (guaranteed pips), the pay for period subscription (monthly-quarterly-yearly), the managed account services, the pay for a trade (you pay only for executed trades), and all options paid demo asubscription options. The details, benefits and the requirements (if any) are available further.



Pay for Period of Use (Monthly Subscription)

Forex signals periodic subscriptionWhen period of a subscription expires, a subscription expires as well and you have to renew it. You choose the forex alert to subscribe to (1 pair - all pairs) and use signals within a period of a subscription. If a month result is within average result or even higher, it is more beneficial to use this type of subscription. You use signal and receive high profits for a fixed period of time and if the trading profit is advantageous you receive much more than you pay for a subscription.

You may subscribe to one / several currency pairs or you may subscribe to a signals set (a group of signals grouped together). Signals set trading is very advantageous as you get a drawdown level compared to several pairs and a monthly profit which is several times higher. Subscription is available for period from 1 month to 2 years. The more months you subscribe to, the higher discount you get. Maximum discount is 30%. Subscription with discounts is very beneficial and is the best option for long-term subscription.

BENEFITS: lower costs and higher profits during average / above average trading periods. DEPOSIT: a live deposit of at least $2,000 is recommended for 1 currency pair and $5,000 for all currency pairs. Click here to find out which signals and currency pairs are available.

The Guaranteed Pips Subscription (Pay for Net Profits)

The guaranteed pips subscription is the pay for profits subscription. You subscribe to the results on your trading account. Unlike the monthly subscription, the guaranteed pips subscription is not limited by any period but is limited by an amount of profit you receive. Should you face a bad period in trading and you make no profit with the trading signals, you continue receiving trading alerts until you make the net profit. For example, if you begin your trading with $5,000 deposit and buy $1,000 profit, your subscription will expire once your deposit amount rises above $6,000. Until that time you will be receiving signals.

The profit for the subscription is calculated in pips. You are free to choose any available trading signals with any trading lot size. As stated previously, the SMS, Email alerts, automated trading are included within the subscription.

BENEFITS: you pay for the results (not just for the trading); you know how much profit you will receive. DEPOSIT: a live deposit of at least of $5,000 is recommended to use with the subscription. Click here to read more about guaranteed pips subscription.

Pay For a Trade

The most popular subscription type among traders with high market involvement. You pay only for executed trades. Depending on a type of signals you use (read more about different types of signals here), each trade costs from 1 to 5 credits. Buy credits and use any signals you like. If there are no trades for any reason (for example, during extremely high or extremely low market activity / volatility), your subscription is not expiring. Compared to the guaranteed pips subscription, the subscription cost is lower. A

BENEFITS: pay for real trading; DEPOSIT: $3,000+ live account with a small deposit. Read more about the pay for a trade subscription.

Managed Forex Accounts

The managed account subscription is the most advantageous subscription Signalator offers. We will take care of your account and we will double your account size within the subscription period. Trading is made by Signalator traders regardless the trading account type you have.

We use special money and risk management rules, variable open lot sizes. Trades are monitored on a live-market basis. We will develop a personal investment plan based on your needs and expectations to meet your maximum risk acceptance level. Trading lots amount depend on the current signals results. The profit is +100% of your initial deposit.

BENEFITS: +100% of deposit;. DEPOSIT: $20,000 + live account. Click here to read more about managed forex accounts.

Demo Subscription

Forex signals demo subscriptionThe demo subscription is offered for new clients only who would like to understand how Signalator services work, to discover how signals are sent and are delivered. The subscription is valid for two weeks with SMS, Email and Automated trading for MT4 / MT5. You may get a subscription to the following groups of signals: Basic set, Signalator XT or Signalator Plus. This subscription is the most cost effective option to get familiarised with the Signalator services and to trade on a demo account. During a subscription period you will get all delivery issues sorted (if any), decide which delivery options you require.

The demo subscription is not intended to be a service for signals proofing or consistency checking. A two-week period if not enough to evaluate the efficiency of trading. As it could be a very profitable, a loss period or a period with a small number of trades. All trading signals have variable trading period results and you may face both above average results and below average results during a demo subscription. Please note: you may use your subscription only once for one PayPal / Skrill account.

BENEFITS: low cost; demo subscription. DEPOSIT: a demo or a live account with a small deposit. Read more about the demo subscription.

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the best subscription to choose?
A. The best option depends on a number of factors including the size of a trading account, the maximum drawdown you can accept, etc.
Q. Can I use several subscription options?
A. Yes, for example you may use a monthly subscription to one currency pair and the guaranteed pips subscription for other pairs. Or you may have one trading account with a period based subscription and another trading account with a pay for profits subscription.
Q. Is there a minimum for a deposit amount to begin using your services?
A. Practically we do not require to have any deposit at all. You may trade equally successful with either a demo account or with a $100,000 live account. The only recommendation is not to trade with a deposit less than $3,000.