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Domino Conjunto de señales de Forex

Profit a month
112 pips (3,5%)
Gain performance
Monthly Win
Maximum Drawdown
-559 (-17,47%)
Trades a month
22 trades a month
Total Trades
435 oper.

Domino Set includes a group of 5 forex signals eurusd , usdcad , gbpjpy , gbpusd , oro . All signals are provided for free via Signalator Telegram Channel. This group combines both trend and counter trend signals with various trading settings and approaches thus making trading more stable and profitable. Trading with a set of signals offers several advantages such as high diversification (the total set drawdown is several times lower than the sum of drawdowns of signals included within the set), more market involement, smooth equity growth, etc.

You may trade with all or only some of the included signals. All trades may be executed automatically with the Domino Autotrader software on any MT4 / 5 account with any forex broker.

Domino Set Resultados Mensuales y Anuales

Domino Set Signal Estadísticas extendidas

The extended statistics details are available below. The following indicators will help you better understand how the strategy works and what you might expect whilst trading with it.

Net Profit
2247 pips
Total Trades
435 oper.
Profit Trades
304 oper.
Loss Trades
131 oper.
Trades a Month
22 oper. / month
Profit Gained
8759 pips
Loss Received
-6734 pips
Monthly Win Ratio
Win Ratio
71 %
Max Drawdown
-559 pips
Average Profit Trade
28,8 pips
Average Loss Trade
-51,4 pips
Deposit per 0.01 lot
Diversification Factor
Signals included

Questions and Answers

Are signals available for free?
Yes, all forex signals and trading alerts are offered for free on the Signalator Telegram Channel
Do I have to trade all pairs? Or I can choose pairs and signals to trade?
You may trade both all pairs and signals or you may choose the desired pairs and trade only them.
Is it possible to execute Domino Conjunto signals automatically?
Signalator offers free and paid plans with automated execution of signals and trades. Check the Domino Autotrader and the Domino Platform for more details. If you are interested in a free automated MT4 subscription, contact us for more details.
Can I trade Domino Conjunto alerts on a demo account?
Yes, you may trade Domino Conjunto signals for free on a demo account.
Are free alerts limited by time or are sent with a delay?
No, all signals are available for an unlimited time and sent instantly via Domino Platform including the Telegram channel.