Signalator Expert Market Intelligence

Gold (XAU / USD) Señal Forex Gratis

Profit a month
93 pips (5%)
Gain performance
Monthly Win
Maximum Drawdown
-324 (-16,99%)
Trades a month
14 trades a month
Total Trades
217 oper.

Domino Gold is a free signal with high efficiency of trading for the most popular commodity. Small to medium TP levels, medium to high SL levels and high efficiency of trading. Counter-trend and trend trading with trailing SL to cover unrealized profits.

GOLD alerts are available for free on the Signalator Telegram Channel. Todas las operaciones pueden ejecutarse automáticamente mediante suscripciones gratuitas y de pago de Domino Autotrader en cualquier cuenta MT4 / 5 con cualquier corredor de divisas.

Gold Monthly and Yearly Results

Gold Signal Extended Statistics

The extended statistics details are available below. The following indicators will help you better understand how the strategy works and what you might expect whilst trading with it.

Net Profit
1489.00 pips
Total Trades
217 oper.
Profit Trades
162 oper.
Loss Trades
55 oper.
Trades a Month
14 oper. / month
Profit Gained
4493.00 pips
Loss Received
-3004.00 pips
Monthly Win Ratio
Win Ratio
75.00 %
Max Drawdown
-324 pips
Average Profit Trade
27,7 pips
Average Loss Trade
-54,6 pips
Deposit per 0.01 lot
TP Levels Range
SL Levels Range

Questions and Answers

Are signals for DOMINO ORO free?
Yes, all signals we offer including the signals for DOMINO ORO are available for free on the Signalator Telegram Channel
Is it possible to execute DOMINO ORO signals automatically?
Signalator offers the Domino Autotrader and the Domino Platform to execute trades automatically with free and paid options.
Can I trade DOMINO ORO alerts on a demo account?
Yes, you may trade DOMINO ORO signals for free on a demo account.
Are free alerts limited by time or are sent with a delay?
No, all signals are available for an unlimited time and sent instantly via Domino Platform including the Telegram channel.